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Thread: How old is too old to comment on a thread?

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    Default How old is too old to comment on a thread?

    So, I've been wondering about this for a while: if I'm browsing through some older threads (let's say no one has commented in the past week), and I want to make a comment (other than "me too", or "yeah I hate when that happens", etc...) is that okay? What about two weeks? When is a thread 'too old' to comment on?

    I ask this because I've never really understood why it's bad to comment on an old thread, or the rationale behind the tons of people who complain when someone revives an old thread with the same question as the OP. If everyone did that, then wouldn't that slow down the flow of cyclical threads that come up all of the time (like "Thinking about telling my parents" or "How to buy diapers")? I'm really curious about this. And also, I'm not sure where to put this thread; if I should have posted it somewhere else, please let me know.

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    I wouldn't do it and I've learned the hard way on many forums. guess what I've learn in this process... the meaning of the word bump

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    I would also like to know this "non defined" arbitrary time period when a thread is "too old" to comment.

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    Threads that aren't in the story forums are automatically closed after one month. If you have something to say (other than a "me too" comment, which are generally frowned upon and certainly moreso with age) on any thread that is open, it's fair game.

    Story forum threads stay open with the intent of drawing comments. This does lead to some rather unfortunate "great story-ism" from time to time on stories that are deader than dead but we seem to think it's worth the price.

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    I say if you have something to say that could be helpful in any way, then post it. Why's it such a big deal if it's old? Maybe the OP's question/need for advice wasn't properly addressed and could still help them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddysToxxicBabyGirl View Post
    I say if you have something to say that could be helpful in any way, then post it. Why's it such a big deal if it's old? Maybe the OP's question/need for advice wasn't properly addressed and could still help them.
    A non-official follow-up here. This is good advice, but it also behooves people coming late to the party to at least scan what happened in the thread since the question may have been resolved, the thread starter may have changed the question along the way, etc. Great advice for something that is no longer relevant isn't particularly great advice.

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    Threads get locked after 3 weeks or something automatically, so if it's open, it's fair game. The stories fora are different, as the threads never lock without a mod, but if the last post is weeks old or more and you don't have much more to say than "congrats", then probably best not to post. The exceptions are usually specific and hard to define.

    E.g. Someone posts saying their parents will be gone for the weekend and want ideas for what to do. If you post ideas two weeks after the original post giving advice on what to do, it's not much better than spam since the advice doesn't really matter now that the date is passed. Reviving this thread would be annoying, since it takes up space and doesn't help anyone with anything. Consequently, if he said next MONTH his parents would be away, your advice would be perfectly valid if posted only two weeks after the initial post. This includes all posts where no matter how good the post is, it is meaningless because the "problem" has been solved.

    The other time people seem to get annoyed is when you revive a thread that people didn't like, but that didn't violate the rules. A lot of messing posts that use too much detail, but not so much to get banned, are in this category. Usually people want these to fade into the netherealm and never be seen again. These are threads that aren't inherently bad, but were handled really poorly and people don't want to see it.

    And the last one that I can think of is reviving a thread that was just about to be locked by contributing a non-post (i.e. bumping). If what you say has already been said (or worse, already been proven wrong), then these posts are really annoying, because you might be restarting something that just finished. Imagine, if you will, an argument you and a friend are having (for the sake of argument, let's go with the gay marriage thing). You argue for two hours and persuade him to your side, then your third friend walks in and asks what you've been talking about. He says the exact same thing your friend said to start the argument (which you know for a fact is wrong) and now feel like you need to repeat the entire two hour argument just because the other guy wasn't there to pay attention. What's worse is that with the forum, the "third person" (or the necroposter that revives the thread) had the capability to see the whole argument, and added their irrelevant point when the answer was already in the thread.

    A good rule is that if you want to respond to a thread when it hasn't had any response in weeks, make sure what you are saying is original and important enough to revive the thread after "x" weeks of inactivity. I've never seen people get mad for reviving a dead thread when the post was completely valid.

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    All right then, thank you for clearing up this issue. I've been browsing past the first page lately (mainly in the Teen Baby and Adult Baby forums - I don't venture into the story section often), where many of the posts are about a week old, and I wasn't sure if it would be okay to comment or not.

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    I agree with Zephy

    If it's advice then it's probably not worth posting (in the vast majority of cases) if the OP was more than 14 days ago, there are exceptions but it's a good rule of thumb

    If it's a general question thread like the What's your baby age? thread if you've been willing to read through the comments so far and found them entertaining and you think your's is entertaining too post it, someone else will probably find it interesting also, but if the answers haven't really mattered it's just about sharing your experience regardless of a reader then there's no point posting if it's more than a week since the last post.

    If a post resulted in an argument for what ever reason it is likely that it's wanted to be forgotten, there have been threads that end up with tangential arguments or that are full of poor taste with nothing to do with the original post these should be avoided for contribution, we can all be sucked into them at the time but once they've been quiet for 2 or 3 days if you weren't involved it's probably best not to post and leave them to die in peace, any post might re-spark the drama and its not helpful to anyone, if you were part of the argument you might want to continue the discussion in PMs which can eventually be ignored by one party and forgotten about soon after.

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    Threads get locked here automatically after a month so when a thread is locked, too old to be commented on.

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