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    How many of us go to the Babies-R-Us store?
    I was there yesterday looking around. I saw diaper inserts, pacifiers, and sippy cups.
    I saw a 8oz Dome Cup which had a person's name on it - with raised multicolor letters.
    What do you think? Can an adult get away with one. Its not a sippy cup - just a mug with plastic dome top and built in straw.

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    I used to go all the time to see if there was any cool stuff there, plus I would buy my binkies there, until I discovered Nuk 5's. Anyways as far as whether or not you will be able to get away with sippy cup/water bottle, I don't think anyone would say anything, but then again I don't know any of your friends or family, so I wouldn't know.

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    I love going to Babies R Us They are they only place I can find that sells diaper doublers other than online. I also like to look at their collection of plushies. I'd go more often but the nearest store is an hour and half away from me.

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    No Babies R Us around here but as far as the cup, if isnt a sippy cup, I dont see why anyone would care. No one knows about my AB side, but I have bought and used plenty of kiddie cups (kiddie designs but no sippy top) around others and no one has ever said anything.

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    I bought a first years sippy cup with Mickey Mouse on it but if it wasn't for that you'd never know it was a sippy cup because it has the same top as one of those travel coffee mugs. I believe they also make them in various colors as well.

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