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Thread: Dad scared the s**t out of me!

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    Default Dad scared the s**t out of me!

    Yeah, the title says it all...
    Today is the start of spring break and my dad came to pick and my friend up from school. On the home he started talking about how my cat has been peeing outside his litter box. And he said that's he's been putting diapers next to the litter box so pee doesn't get on the floor! I felt like my heart dropped down past my stomach at that moment. All I could think was that he found my stash of Pampers and he was letting them get soaked in cat pee! I felt so anxious for the rest of that 20 minute drive.
    When I got home, I went up to my bathroom... afraid of what I would find. Turns out my dad was talking about puppy training pads!

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    lol that is a scare. i know i would probably be thinking the same thing. but good thing that it was not what you thought.

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    Lol, that could've been really bad... you were probably the happiest person in the world when you realised what your dad was really talking about.

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    I know how you feel man. A few weeks ago someone on the bus farted and one of my friends looked at me and said "Did you remember to change your diaper?". I know he was just joking around but it still scared me pretty good.

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    Wow that sucks I would thinkd exactly what you thought, and starting spring break today nice, I live in Texas so it happened a week earlier.

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    There's been a few times when similar situations have happened to me. The important thing is to keep your cool and not to go into "THEY KNOW!!! EEP!" panic mode and blurt out that you're an ABDL - it could turn out they were talking about something completely irrelevant.

    It certainly sets the heart pounding though doesn't it?

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    Ha, wow, those 20 minutes must have felt like an eternity ^^
    I guess I would´ve jumped out of the car immediately...but it could have been worse:

    Father: I put diapers next to the litter box.
    You: MY DIAPERS?!
    Father and Friend: ...what??
    You: ............nothing.......

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    My dad once said "you can't hide any secrets from me" during an argument, I wasn't about to correct him but I was like, "that's what you think... wait but what if he knows"

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    I can only say: LOL

    Seriously, while reading I was feeling your anxiety, as it was mine; fortunately for you it ended well

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    Well I'm glad to see that it wasn't your stash being used to "soak up the kitty pee". :P

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