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Thread: Don't you just love goodnites?

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    Default Don't you just love goodnites?

    I just bought some of the new girls goodnites today on a whim and I forgot how much I love wearing diapers. Anyone else like the new goodnites? (The one with the tiger stripes and butterflies)

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    The ones with the stripes are "back"? I'd seem them a few months ago, but all of my recent packs didn't have them. just hearts and butterflies.
    I love them, yeah. I wear them during daytime most every day.

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    Yeah they're pretty good to use and are really easy to wear which is great. They are also very discreet so you can pretty much wear them anywhere without fear of being found out

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    I like Drynites for the aesthetics and descreteness, but they are lacking in functionality.
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    Pull ups lack functionality. Less you are very lucky the fit around the cuffs is always loose.

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    No, they leak out the leggings too easily. Big flaw.

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    I love the designs on Goodnites, but i'm not very fond of how often they tend to leak. Other than that, I love wearing Goodnites.

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    I wear Drynites pull-ups, which I guess is the UK version of the Pull-ups and Goodnites. They are pretty much the same in use and looks a little, but the leg straps break and tear a little easy.

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    You know if they scaled them up to fit the 14 to 16 bracket as well they'd be quite an amazing toy but at present they're just that little bit too tight and they don't really seal well enough to make it worth the risk of wetting even a little bit, and they also feel a little small they either fit well over my bum and not so well in front or fit ok at the front and go all g-string like on my ass

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