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    Well I have noticed when I wake up over the past couple of months or longer that I guess I leak a litle bit I wake with wet underwear in the morning... what could be causing this?
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    I too am having this very same problem. i am a girl and girls are supposed to have natural moisture but for me this was different. i asked a friend about it and they said it could be my muscles weakening but i really don't know what it is. it happens a lot at night and during the day as well.

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    I don't think you need to be too worried. I am a guy but in my family this has been something that has occurred with female relatives - don't run away with the idea there is a serious problem, but do consider seeing a doctor if you feel the situation is unusual or abnormal for you. It is something a lot of people have to live with but that does not mean you should "just accept it" so it is worth getting advice.

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    It could be any number of things such as the weakening of certain muscles, a psychological problem, and even nerve damage. There are a number of different things it could be but there's really no way of knowing for certain without consulting a physician. It could also be a wet dream if the viscosity of the fluid is different from water. Otherwise i haven't heard about females waking up with moisture, but then again I'm a guy and I'm assuming that a female can have their own version of a wet dream as well. Chances are it's nothing serious and you can probably wait a little while to see if it goes away if it's something that has just recently started.

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    I'm a dood not a girl lol... Could it be something to do with a viral infection??? Last year around July I went deaf in my right ear and turned out it was a viral infection and i still am partially deaf(got a litle bit less then 50% back) and now that i think about it this has been happening since around then...

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    The simple answer is "Yes" it could be connected and needs checking out so as to establish the viral infection isn't going to be a problem for you in the future. Don't run away with the idea the deafness and leakage are necessarily connected - but it's worth having things checked.

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    i am a girl and it's not my natural moisture. however i do have messed up disks in my back and because of it getting worse, it has effected my abdomen as well as causing nausea and a bunch of other problems as well. it happens to me every night and sometimes during the day. i am poor but i do go to a clinic to see a doctor and have told them my problems but because i look so young my words seem to in through one ear and right out the other. they just nod and that's it. oh well i'll just keep trying.

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    I haven't told anyone about it but do you guys think its worth getting checked out...I don't really feel like telling my parents about it... I am 19 almost 20 but i dont drive :-/

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    I think if you are concerned about this, and it seems you are, you should seek some medical advise. Since you've had a viral infection and have experienced hearing loss, your concerns may be justified. You won't have any peace of mind until you explore this professionally.

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    I did have my hearing looked at and went on some steroids and some other stuff and got half of my hearing back but didn't say n e thing bout leaking at night

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