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Thread: Choosing One Diaper for Around the Clock

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    Default Choosing One Diaper for Around the Clock

    If you were to select your favorite diaper to wear all the time what would it be? For me it would be Abena M4 as I feel very well protected with this diaper. Knowing the plastic outside may not be available in the future it would be a difficult selection. Do you wear the same diaper brand all the time?

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    as I've already done that basically, I will simply tell you what I wear, which is Secure X-Plus from Secure Personal care. it used to be a mix of Abena M3's and M4's but their products have gone down hill in the last two years and nothing else I've tried has impressed me more than what I currently wear, and now its all I wear. they aren't the cheapest, but as a 24/7 wearer I need diapers to perform and fit into my lifestyle without being a burden in any way. excellent absorption, insanely soft absorbent material, great leak guards, soft but very unique plastic outer layer that keeps the diaper extremely quiet. not too thick to limit my clothing choices or make my diaper obvious but still minting performance where it counts. excellent odor blocking and pH balancing. excellent tape landing zone that makes reapplying the tapes a breeze. front and back waistband. it may not be as cute as an ABU diaper, but its a better performer than anything else I've ever tried, and that includes the more absorbent diapers such as the dry 24/7.

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    I wear cloth, so this throws a different slant. During the day I might wear a day weight gauze, or a birdseye night weight. During the night I wear a night weight gauze. The change is in the weight or thickness.

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    My around the clock diaper is a tranquillity slimline with a pair of plastic pants. They are plastic backed, the tabs good well, and can hold a lot. I have yet to have a leak since switching to them 24/7 in October of 2011.

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    I wear Tena Ultra. Thin and quiet, they are unotisable under most pants. Yet they are absorbant enough they can last a good 4h or 2 complete voiding.
    When wearing for a long time, I prefer frequent changes. Only at night I will select a very absorbant diaper.

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    Well, For 'all day' I go with Goodnights. I've got free and quick access to a toilet and I don't move around a lot.
    AS soon as I get home I put on my cloth hello kitty diaper (from nice diaper) and sleep in Bambinos. (once I finish this box though, I'm going to try the the secure-X for nights.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If I did not have financial constraints, I would wear Abena L4 for 24/7. As it is, I wear Attends breathable briefs since they are reasonably absorbant and don't cost too much.

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    I can only go on with what I wore not heard about.
    So I would pick Bellissimo from Bambino's.

    From what I tried, they have very good absorbancy and are just oh sooo soft.

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    I pick what I'm wearing at this very moment. Abena M2, plastic backed. Good balance in performence, comfort, cost and lovely white crinckly plastic.

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