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Thread: Good Evening!

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    Default Good Evening!

    Evenin' all!

    I'm Red, or at least, known as that by many...

    I'm a long time lurker, recent signup and first time poster!

    I'm in my mid twenties, living and working in (not so sunny) Scotland. By day, I'm an electrical engineer, solving all sorts of evil maths. By night... I'm still an electrical engineer, but ignoring the maths and hacking at things for pleasure. I guess you could call me a maker and experimenter...

    I've got mad passions for beer, which I homebrew, coffee, which I home roast and grind, linux/free software/programming/technology, because I'm a nerd by trade, and a range of bizarre and interesting sports...

    I figured I'd get more involved as I slowly develop my interest in diapers further... It started with a diaperfur fascination, and since I realised I could buy them given I own my flat, and have done for years, I've been wearing, playing and exploring in the evenings too!
    Hopefully I'll be of interest to some of you, and contribute to the community. Failing that, I'll go back to reading the forums instead!

    - Rxx

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    Hi paddedred, or just Red, if you prefer. Welcome to ADISC. That was good introduction. Your mad passions are two of my favorite things in life. Beer, because I like it. Coffee, because I need it, I never get enough sleep. Anyway, I already find you to be an interesting member, and I look forward to your contributions to the ADISC community. I am glad you found us. Take care, and have fun exploring the site as a member, and not just a lurker. I hope to see you around the boards.

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    I agree with fifigal, dont be a lurker, we at ADISC love to hear from everyone! Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it!

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    I have to agree with fifigal in that I love a great tasting beer, and I must have coffee. We actually have a local brewery here in Lynchburg. They're tied into a great pizza restaurant. What could be better than that!

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    Whilst I was working in a cold, wet climate (no reference to Scotland!) colleagues used to visit at random to warm themselves on the way home, and I liked to offer beer. I was not well off, however, and quickly ran out of propriety beer, so I took to brewing my own. I would start off with a can or two of 'good' beer, then when my small stock had disappeared would say 'Very sorry, I've only this home brew left'. It was strong and well flavoured, so they never complained. I envy Dogboy his local brewery! Welcome, Red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxracer529 View Post
    I agree with fifigal, dont be a lurker, we at ADISC love to hear from everyone! Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it!
    I agree with Fox. Dont be a lurker.. We are a good group of people here. We enjoy seeing how everyone is doing and generally hearing from everyone. So Come on in and Stay awhile..

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