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    I am trying to find a onesie that will fit me. I ordered from but their size small is too big on me. Is there anywhere else that sells onesies? I am 5'5" and 120 pounds, so what size onesie could I get? Is there somewhere besides this site that sells them? I know e-bay does but i dont want to buy from e-bay. thanks

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    if you have a sewing machine or are decent with a needle and thread you might be able to make your own that has a custom fit and look. Link/ all you need is a shirt a couple sizes too big and the proper sewing supplies and either snaps or Velcro. depending on where the one you bought is too big, actual shirt size or the snap crotch part you may be able to adjust the fit by adding elastic in the snaps area or slimming the sides of the shirt.

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    I am 5'5" and 130, and the small onesies from Easy Access Clothing fit me well. I know I weigh a bit more, but the main thing would be length/height, I would think.

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    Don't buy the all cotton ones over time they'll stretch, get the elastic mix ones cause they retain size

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    Try going to, they have small adult onesies.

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    You are the same size as me except I am 5'4". I just did a custom order from babykins. They said it would take 2 weeks to manufacturer though. It should be $35.00.

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    If you have enough money you could buy a onesie in privatina: privatina - individual one piece fashion: Adult baby welt > windelbodys
    Yes they're expensive, but are custom tailored, and they are so cute!

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