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Thread: do you have a lot of secrets?

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    Default do you have a lot of secrets?

    most people on this site have at least one major secret (diapers). but do you consider yourself a guarded person with lots of secrets, or are you fairly open and honest with people?


    i think a lot of my friends assume i have lots of big secrets. part of it is the fact that i'm asexual, so i don't flirt with people and i don't get into romantic relationships. i think people assume i have some big hangups about sexuality, when in truth i'm just not interested. on the surface i tend to be fairly cheerful, and i think people suspect that i have a dark side i never show, but the reality is that i'm just a fairly cheerful person.

    i don't like keeping secrets, and i try to be as honest as possible about what's going on with me. obviously i choose my moments and don't lay any really heavy personal shit on people in a casual encounter, but if i've got something i need to talk about i make a point of finding someone who's willing to listen. i've got only a couple of things i keep entirely to myself (one of them being the whole diaper issue).

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    Yes and no I am open to most people, how ever it is hard to be open about wearing diapers and being an ab when i work construction for one of the largest construction firms in NY state.
    and if they meaning the crew's i work with new I was an adult baby and that I am gay well I think I would end up in some sort of construction accident.

    other wise I am very open with every one.

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    I'm an open book. I don't see the point in keeping secrets. It's like lying...eventually you'll get caught!

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    I keep secrets yes, diapers is one of them I've kept diapers a secret for 8 years. My deepest darkest secret is not diapers though... something i almost did a long time ago. With my friends and people i know and trust im very open and dont keep many secrets, but there are things that i wont tell anybody.

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    I am a very guarded person. I find it to be quite an advantageous trait sometimes.

    I attribute my guarded nature to the fact that I'm quite introverted and socially awkward.

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    I have no secrets from my friends, in fact they know pretty much everything but I also don't see why my underwear choice or my other fetishes are the business of people I don't really know. I'm very open that I'm bi to most people. I don't really have anything I'm ashamed or worried about so I don't really need secrets

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    I pretty much don't tell anyone anything. Why should they know my personal stuff? What could anyone possible gain from that? My secrets are my secrets, and their's are their's.

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    Fairley guarded, I've at least 3 other secrets on the diaper scale I've only told a few trusted mates.

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    I don't see the two as mutually exclusive, I am as honest as I can be but should someone ask me a question I don't want them knowing the answer to I just tell them I'm not willing to talk about it. I tell my friends this rule and I think they appreciate it some even reciprocate with me although don't do the same thing with others, it makes my life simpler and it means that if I'm forced to tell a lie it's that much more convincing because no one expects it from me, although there are times where I recite what I believe to be true even though it's not, but in such cases I'm open to the scientific method.

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