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Thread: Love Plastic Pants -- Yes or No

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    Default Love Plastic Pants -- Yes or No

    Plastic pants can be so helpful in preventing leaks. They can cut down the crinkle noise. Do you wear plastic pants and why?

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    Yes I wear plastic pants they help prevent leaks they quiet the sound and also depending on the style they can hide the top of your diaper from sticking out the top of your pants. I own many styles from regular medical store style to bloomer style (which is the best for night) my favorite ones are the ones I get from nicediaper on e bay I think there style 2207. They have a wide band at the top and are the ones that hide my diaper from sticking out of the top of my pants the best.

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    I had some but got nervous and cut them up and threw them away -_- wish I didn't do that... I'm gonna order some from Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products soon on my next paycheck and also gonna order some of thier "my first trainers" training pants and gonna wear those instead of undies if they arent too thick all the time 24/7 ^.^ but Yah I love plastic pants

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    Hello All. I have a pair, but never really use them. In a way they are not that much safer in the end for me. When my disposable diaper leaks enough (and without me knowing as I can't see through plastic pants), it pools in the plastic pants, and then eventually squeezes out leg gatherings anyway, so not that much of a success for me really. I also like to see the diaper. See the visual effects as it gets more and more filled. Also just prefer the look of just a crinkly diaper. But that is just me. Happy plastic panting my friends!
    andrew x

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    I like the idea of them, but whether I like them in practice remains to be seen. I probably won't be able to get any for at least a few years. :/

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    I wear plastic pants over my terry toweling pull ups, or my Tena slip maxi. They do help if there is a small leak. I do tend to sleep on my side. I have found that the larger sizes allow for a larger "puddle" in there without a leak. I do wear the same during the day too sometimes.

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    I too wear them sometimes.
    More so if I know I will put a diaper to its limit or if I will be out for a longtime.
    I have leaked a little bit before tho nothing major.

    I always wear kinds with prints is just makes it seem more fun to wear.

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    I always wear plastic pants over my diaper. In the past I found out that they prevent leaking, but only if you wear underwear over your diaper and then a plastic pant. The underwear keeps your diapee in place as well, so this all is very practical. The Gary plastic pants and the pants from Suprima are the best !

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    I do not like them. they create excess heat, trap in moisture and odor and they, in my opinion only help to create a worse environment on your skin for the breeding of bacteria and the progress of skin irritation and infection. diapers leak, thats just something we all have to accept. I get that they have benefits, and are pretty necessary for people who wear cloth, but for those of us that wear disposables I just don't see the benefits outweigh the negatives for long term use.

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    I always wear plastic pants because I use cloth diapers. But sometimes, I also use plastic pants over disposable with a piece of cloth between the plastic pants and the disposable. Wearing cloth or disposable that way with plastic pants is pretty well leak proof for me. I make my own from soft and shiny vinyl sheets from AC Medical and I also use Gary and Suprema plastic pants.

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