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Thread: Diapers in general

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    Default Diapers in general

    What do u like to do in diapers!

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    I play games in only my diaper and watch tv, I will also sleep in my diaper

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    When I do wear, it's generally just for comfort. I'll be doing the usual adult stuff (You know: gaming, TV, and reading). It's just more calming, and it's relaxing. Sleeping with one usually results in bad ideas that seem good at the time, so I try to avoid that situation altogether.

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    everything i do normally from just hanging around the house to going shopping most of the time when i just want to be diapered its just a choice of underwear for me.

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    Generally I sit on my computer, watch tv, do homework, etc.

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    I do everything with my diapers on; playing, shopping, traveling, etc

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    I like to relax on my bed and read, padded in a T-shirt.

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    Work, sleep, drive my car, work in the garden, shop, ...

    Almost everything.

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    Just about anything and everything for me. Usually in a diaper and a t-shirt for me.

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