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Thread: Howdy! I'm a New Daddy

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    Default Howdy! I'm a New Daddy

    I am a fun loving guy who is 41. I love the outdoors and kayaking and traveling and being involved in theatre. I'm a psychologist, after just completing a masters program after leaving the corporate world. I grew up in Memphis and currently live in Arkansas, but I am well traveled.

    I am looking to make friends and talk and learn and explore. Looking forward to saying Hi to you.

    OK. I'm learning and making mistakes. I can't figure out how to change the title of this post or I would.

    I am not looking to actually meet people, but am searching for some understanding and conversation. I in no way and no how am interested in anyone actually young. Not now, not ever. It is the concept of an adult role playing such a freedom, dependency, and love that is so interesting. I am looking for a way to change my overall name to based on some good advice. I appreciate the advice, cause it means you have an idea where my heart lies and that I don't want to be misunderstood.
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    Hi there! Welcome to ADISC, i hope that any questions you may have get answered here on the site, enjoy!

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    To me it seems like there are mostly young people on this website, but maybe that's because I mostly stick to the "teen baby" forum.
    Anyway, glad you found this site and stuff. It can be really interesting to hear about everyone else's experiences.

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    Welcome and the best way to learn is sit back awhile and read the post surf the site and try to under stand what others do and enjoy and see what fits into your life and see what you are willing to do and try.
    This is a wonderful site to meet great ab/dl's and learn who you are.

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC and rest assured you are not alone...age-wise.

    Quote Originally Posted by chuchu View Post
    To me it seems like there are mostly young people on this website, but maybe that's because I mostly stick to the "teen baby" forum.
    Actually, a large portion of the membership here is over 25, myself included. And a full 50% of the membership is over the age of 21! (See poll "How old are you?")

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    terrific approach. I appreciate that advice. I usually barge through first and ask questions later. then I look stupid. I'm gonna try it your way.

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    thank you, very much.

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