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    Smile Hi

    Hey everyone. Just a lurker coming out into the glaring daylight of the forum to say hello. I'm a social worker from the east coast with pretty eclectic tastes. I tend to stay pretty quiet - Jung and Myers/Briggs tell me I'm a classic intuitive introvert, and I do like to sit back and observe more then chat.

    I play the piano and guitar, and the occasional videogame, though I've had a hard time holding anything that holds my interest of late. Working back through Mass Effect.

    Also a babyfur, of the raccoon variety, though I love transformation, too, and often get RP'ed into other fluffy critters.

    Mostly here to hang out and chat, ask weird questions and see how other people handle the dichotomy of feeling like an oversized kid in the adult world.

    Nice to preemptively meet you all

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    Hi Kitcoon! that was an awesome intro. I'm glad you finally decided to join the supportive community here at ADISC! i hope you enjoy it here

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC! I thought it was interesting that you posted your Myers/Briggs because I just recently took the Humanmetrics test myself out of curiosity and got INTJ which I believe is pretty close to yours as well. I also think that it's amazing that you play two instruments. Do you write any music yourself, out of curiosity?

    Hope you have an awesome stay here,


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    Hi Fox, thanks for the welcome!

    Hi Stormy. There's all sorts of varieties of the Myers Briggs types - various tests, and various ways of interpreting Jung's writings. I like the function stack/hierarchy models myself, which speak to more the order and way you use the 8 personality types - which are your strengths and which are areas you can use to round out by working on. Guess I didn't mention I was a personality type geek

    I play other instruments too, just those two primarily. I do write music, more often then not to other peoples words, and primarily for church. Church being an Interfaith Sanctuary out in south central PA - which is a whole other monster of a topic really. We're building a Stone Circle, though - that's the readers digest version. Thanks for the welcome


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    I'll have to take a look at those too because I love exploring personality types and how many different lenses people can look at the world through.
    That's awesome that you write your own music too! I'm a student composer myself and pianist but still very much learning so it's great to see other people writing music as well.

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