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Thread: 3 monthley nappy misson

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    Default 3 monthley nappy misson

    Hi Just about to run out of my stash of lidl nappies which i bought in january , was wondering if anybody could tell me were i could pick up some other brands, i am planning to take a day and drive around lancashire to get brands ive never tried before I am looking for

    Abri form M4
    abenas ,

    If you know of any shops where in can get these brands please could you give me details, will be going week after next so plenty of time, any other shops or brands would be greatly apppriecated

    thanks for now

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    if your looking for high street boots do tena and depends ^_^ Regular use - Bladder - Boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCsquared View Post
    if your looking for high street boots do tena and depends ^_^ Regular use - Bladder - Boots

    Thanks any way but looking for good and proper diapers, ried all of boots and not really what im looking for

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    In my experience it is not easy to get the brands you requre in bricks and mortar shops. You can order tenas through boots and local pharmacys but the best bet would be to order online. I am basing this from experience but i live down south so i dont know what its like in lancashire
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    fair do's ^_^ well pharmacies might be a good place to start looking, lloyds has a website too, and check out tesco and asda's online shopping it can't always tell you what they have in store but it will give you a good idea of whether they have what you're looking for

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    Check out a large ASDA, they can sometimes have the high quality TENA diapers that you won't find in Boots or anywhere else. Also check out disability shops and see if they carry any diapers as they are more likely to carry abenas or molicares.

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