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Thread: The Countdown Has Begun

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    Default The Countdown Has Begun

    My birthday is in 12 days so wish me happy birthday then or now, but I will keep this thread alive till then.
    *gets defribulator and gets it ready to use*
    I want lots of posts here and on my profile. Do it or I'll destroy the world. I will, trust me.

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    Mine is more important because it's in 9 days, and I'm just obviously awesome

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    well... plesant birthday wishes to all 3 of you...

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    Mine is still the most important...I mean, I'm Pojo...What is more awesome than that? I'll answer that: Nothing!

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    No more birthday for me this year! Thank God..once you're 18, birthday first become pointless and then a reason for being depressed

    However, I will not - ever - wish you a happy birthday before the actual day. Even though I'm not superstitious and don't necessarily believe it's bad luck to do so, I still think it's silly to wish someone a happy birthday ahead of time...then I could wish you a happy Not-Birthday any day of the year but that one day when your actual birthday is!


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    Hint hint, nudge nudge.... Well, it's avery's birthday today (for me it is, it's Saturday already!)

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    My birthday is tomorrow, but it isn't as important anymore. We are going to San Francisco ant the end of the month and then to Houston in October for my "gift". Next year will be a milestone birthday for me, so it may be a little more important. At least I am not working this year on my birthday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    once you're 18, birthday first become pointless and then a reason for being depressed

    Thats not true I haven't celebrated my birthday for the past few years, but I'm planing to celebrate my 18th. I gonna go clubbin'.
    8 months till May!

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