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Thread: Hi from another random Aussie.

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    Red face Hi from another random Aussie.

    Hi everyone, I finally signed up the other day, have been a post crawler here on occasion over the last few years. I figured I may as well join up as most people here seem pretty nice.

    Hrrm what can I say about me, I'm from Australia, bit of a nerd in that I love computers, electronics, rc aircraft and other geeky things. I love to make things and generally be creative when I can, at the moment that's consisting of a struggle with a guitar and hopefully learning my way round a sewing machine when I can find the time and elicit some instruction.

    I'm I guess you could say a gender fluid individual, I was mid transition when struck down by cancer a few years back which put an end to all the hormone treatment, staying alive became the number one priority and I pretty much had to default back to my male persona. I'm in remission at the moment after a hell of a lot of chemo and other procedures. Psychologically its taken a pretty hefty toll but it seems I'm one tough individual and have been able to keep my head above water despite some fairly heavy inner turmoil.

    I love to cook and eat all sorts of food from asian, to middle eastern to mexican, generally prefer the spicier dishes and I'm pretty open to trying most stuff food wise. I've eaten jellyfish, chicken feet, frogs legs, crocodile, snake and plenty of other weird stuff in the spirit of discovery. Though when an Indonesian friend took me to some place that had deep fried roaches, I decided to pass lol.

    I'm a big fan of the outdoors, love to spend time in the bush just checking out the wildlife and scenery and generally love to explore new places. Also love the beach, more a snorkelling and scuba diving person than a swimming and surfing type, I get my thrills from checking out the beauty of the world more than performing stunts.

    I'm generally a critical thinker and tend not to jump to conclusions on a particular point of view, preferring to evaluate the arguments and evidence for/against a position in an unbiased as possible manner.

    Anyhow, enough rambling from me, anything else you may want to know, feel free to ask.
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    That was a great intro, welcome to ADISC!! we are all extremely supportive here an i'm happy you picked this site. It looks like you have been through a lot of stuff too, way to keep fighting through!

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    Hearty welcome, Cherryripe, and congrats on such a full introduction and your positive outlook despite all the setbacks. I have many times seen displays of deep-fried roaches and other tasty long-legged creepy-crawlies in select Asian streetstalls, but so far have not been tempted to try them. I understand they have excellent nutritive values. Uggh. I think I would keep to croc. and snake meat. Paul.

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    Hey Welcome to ADISC.

    You'll find a heap of other Aussie's in this group! Aussie's Unite! -

    Feel free to join.

    May i ask what state you're from? :3

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    Another welcome - from the Sunshine State. As others have said - great intro love to chat sometime if you wish
    Take care out there. We are all here for you ..

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, it's much appreciated.

    @Foxracer529: Yup it's been a long arduous journey that'll probably keep continuing, seriously my life seems to have been a combination of Jerry Springer episodes piled into a "best of" compilation, lol. I'd like to think I've benefitted from it all though, it's given me a pretty broad perspective on life and people, though my tolerance for people who whine about petty things has consequently become somewhat low.

    @sypl: Thanks, life's too short to be consumed in the bad things and I figured if I wanted to be a part of the community here, it'd help to throw out a reasonable intro. I figured at least it might give people some incentive to get to know me. I think maybe I'd give other creepy crawlies a go, perhaps I might need a little liquid courage, but yeah def passing on the roaches lol, I get neurotic enough if I find one in the house, def not putting one in my mouth lol.

    @Snaps: Thanks for the welcome and the invite to the Aussie group, I'll add my name to the ranks shortly. To answer your question, I'm another West Aussie
    ***Ok done, just waiting on approval***

    @itsacurlyone: Thanks for the welcome and glad you enjoyed my intro, sure I'd be happy to chat sometime, always happy to get to know new people.

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    Yes a very mery welcome to the site. What's your favorite thing to cook?

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    @Sissyboi: Picking a favourite food to cook is really difficult, my favourite food to eat has always been pizza and I do cook it well, but it's pretty simple to make (the trick to good home made pizza base is to use high gluten bakers flour and run your oven as hot as it'll go). I find stir frying pretty versatile so I do that a fair bit, can make a lot of different dishes following the same basic procedure, fry up your meat/s of choice, fry up some vegetables, make a sauce (all sorts of flavour combinations to be had here just choose what suits your mood and the ingredients, plum sauce, honey soy, xo, sweet n sour, mongolian, szechuan etc.) and combine the lot with pre cooked noodles in the wok or serve the meat/veg/sauce combo on a bed of rice or noodles. If you feel like fried rice, skip making a sauce, coat pre-cooked rice with sesame oil (just enough so it's all very lightly but evenly coated), add soy sauce until it's at the right saltiness level, add some fine ground black pepper to taste then combine with the meat and veg and give a good mix through in the wok, too easy! Italian food is another I love to cook, last night I whipped up an arrabbiata sauce, threw in some black olives and bacon (fine sliced cacciatore sausage is awesome cooked in an arrabbiata sauce btw) and served up on some trivelle pasta, lucky I made a heap cause it's awesome.

    @Snaps: lol, I'll try chime in on the Aussie group soon.

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