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    I'm sure this has been posted in the past, but I really didn't want to gravedig to put in my two cents. xD

    Doubling up+.. You obviously know what it means to double up, this plus is just for the few people crazy enough to triple up (like me).

    1. What's everyone's opinions of doubling up?
    2. How do YOU double up, if at all?
    3. How often do you double up?
    4. Have you even put on more than 2 diapers at a time?
    5. Am I asking way too many questions?

    My answers:

    So, if you think I'm insane, try to keep it to yourself please. ;3

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    I tried doubling up once, but I either didn't put enough slits in or they didn't go through enough because the fluid didn't flow through properly

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    In my personal experiance, it takes quite a lot of slits, gashes, missing peices.. sometimes ripping it open.. what have you. the padding/SAP/etc is easy to clean up when it's dry.

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    I have doubled and tripled before bust not like this before (have to try it), and I wish I had perry the Platypus PJs (time to go buy some)

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    When you have a good diaper that is really cheap I find doubling techniques to add a lot of value. If the slits are properly cut it will hold double the capacity. Recently I purchased cases of X-Small Tranquility ATN for less than 18 cents a diaper they do very well as a doubler. I use the tabs to hold it in place in the back and with the slits all around it really can work overnite. With those cheap Depends for 15 cents and the ATN for 18 cents it is a good value and easy on the diaper budget.

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