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    Does anyone here find biting sexually arousing. It is to me. That's why I bite everyone in the IRC chat. Me wanty sex.

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    Oh yea, I want you, pyra.
    A little incest action going on here.
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    hmmm...funny u bring that up. i have just got myself involved with this girl. i was never reallly into the whole biting thing before..but she bites...a lot. it was kind of wierd at first, now, it actually kind of turns me on!

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    I know for giving girl very big hickeys, so that mean I like to bite or something...

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    I love biting , I don't find it as anything sexual, its just fun to do

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    i always get into trouble for biting hehe love biting whether its in bed or not

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    I have always had a biting fetish ^_^ It just ties into my sadomasochism, BDSM, and blood fetishes. It really is only proper lol

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    I love biting... I used to do it to my girlfriend all the time... she didn't like it but I thought it was hilarious when she yelled...

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