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    As anyone started to have a leaky nappy (diaper) when your in town or anywhere outside? as this evening I was at mc'donalds and seen a wet patch, started to get worse and did start to panic but fast thinking of my girlfriend said pretend to spill your coke and then people will think it's just the coke that was in the front of my pants! so I did and just went to the loo and change and dried myself off. thought I would tell you the story

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    i haave had this a few times it is not nice to deal with but it happens

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    Not exactly a leak, but the solution was similar to yours. When I was in the Army, a girl peed her pants while completing a physical fitness test run. After she crossed the line, she came over and poured a canteen of water over her head and let it run down, but it was still very obvious what had happened.

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    for me it only happened once. i guess i had to pee more then my diaper could hanndle. well it leaked out the one side of the diaper and i had a weaterbottle wiht me and i just hung it on my belt loop right over where my diaper leaked and pretened that it was my water bottle that leaked. i passed many people before i was able to get to a safe place but i dont think any of them was thinking pee if they noticed.

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    Oh have I leaked in public... Soaked my chair one time at work I leaked so bad, then I got a client right before the normal end of my work day. That took a lot of doing for me to avoid having to get up. One other time I leaked at work, the thing that saved me was that I had worn black pants instead of khakis that day. I walked pretty quickly out of the building and tried to stay far enough ahead of a coworker that was a distance behind me in the hall to avoid being spotted.

    I also leaked pretty badly one time at Meijer (big box store chain based in Michigan with stores in five states). I was actually with several other ABDLs that night, so a couple of us went to the car while the rest of the group paid for our purchases (junk food).

    In those cases, the order of the day was getting the hell out of dodge. I have also done the "accidental" water spill thing a couple of times, as well. It's always kinda unfortunate when it happens, but it happens.

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