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    When I was very young (2 or 3) I had to go to the hospital and get a ureter reimplant, so my question is to you guys, do you think this will increase my chances of developing incontinence at an earlyish age? Say around 40's to 50's? I am kind of troubled by this, so I was wondering if anyone can help me out.

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    maybe this will help: h##p://

    from the sounds of it, incontinence shouldn't be an issue after the initial recovery period (which you're long done with).
    a history of the surgery can be found here: h##p://
    i can only think that there's the remotest possibility of your bladder retaining a 'memory' of spasms (if you suffered any, post-op) and a later illness or injury inducing such memory (just as old scars can ache, from time to time).

    all-in-all, though, you should be fine (and i'm in no way wholly trusting of doctors and medical science).

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    I think all the signs are that the surgery was successful and once completed this should mean that if things are fine now they should stay fine for the foreseeable future - Incontinence can strike for all sorts of reasons when you are in middle age - or even earlier - But I don't think you should be unduly worried. By the time you are in your 40's medical science will have probably moved on and so you will have much better treatment options than those of us who are older now. No one wants to be incontinent but no one wants heart disease, arthritis or diabetes either! I guess if you live sensibly and look after yourself the chances of illness in your middle years will be much reduced. Or to put it another way - I once had the floor of my car welded up - and the repaired section lasted longer than the rest of the vehicle, so don't necessarily look on a repair as a source of potential weakness!

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