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Thread: A discussion about nappy/diaper design and manufacture

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    Default A discussion about nappy/diaper design and manufacture

    I think that manufacturers of adult nappies/diapers should replicate some of the technology/design that is used in baby nappies/diapers. What I mean by this is decent pull ups that dont look like frilly granny pants and have velcro on the tear sides so that they are easier to change. I know that this has been discussed before but if you had manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark who made nappies/diapers comparable in quality to there baby ranges then it might make quality better in general through competition. I know that the companies have said that the cost to the consumer to do this would be great but if they were to do this at scale they could make serious money and still a decent price to the consumer. What companies need to realise is that the adult/ic market is probably bigger than the baby market long term as we have an ageing propulation and that an adult will probably wear/need products for a longer amount of time than a baby/child will. The products I would particularly like to see made in adult sizings are disposable swim nappies/diapers, something like pampers active fit and a decent pull up akin to huggies pull ups or pampers easy up pants.
    Discuss please thank you

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    You have a definite point. If Pampers were to fit an adult, they would require far less material than a comparable Attends, and would also have more absorbency. It's the same for both KC and PG pullups. I assume that the granny panties are popular, because the old ladies like something that they wore back in the day, when they had no protection. They are for the Alzeimer's and dementia crowd, no doubt. Then, we see KC getting rid of their Depend Max and "refastenable underwear" products (the refastenable underwear being an inferior product anyway, but still used some of the materials found in Huggies current products). All of this is in greed, and to get as much money from as many vulnerable elders as possible. The investors win, everybody else loses.


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    My biggest complaint about many of the adult products are a lack if inside leg gathers for added leak protection. Even Goodnites have them, so why can't the adult products have them?!?

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