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    Default New Guy incoming!

    Hi i am a 15 year old boy and couldn't be happier to be part of the AB/DL community. I am a DL, and i can not wait until i purchase my first diapers! i will be able to drive legally around June and i've noticed there are plenty of choices, what do you all suggest i get?

    can't wait to meet all of you either, i love being a DL

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    I'll be legally able to drive at the end of july
    I've known how to for a couple years, anyways welcome dude I hope ya meet alot of new friends hethat will help ya and enjoy this little world of ours.

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    Hey there!

    It's good to see that you are so accepting with yourself, some *B/DLs especially at a younger age have a really difficult time with accepting themselves. As for a brand I would suggest at retail, I would say Tena Max (I forget the full name, but a user here could fill me in!). ATN-Tranquility, sometimes are sold if you go to big pharmacys or medical supply stores, Depends max protection are always a good last resort.

    If you are small enough you could look at the L/XL goodnites, I like them quite a bit personally, and I'm sure many other users like them as well.

    -- You should post a little bit more about yourself!

    What else do you like, music, movies, playing games, sports, etc.

    We like to know a lot about your other interests as well

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    Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome

    outside of the *B/DL lifestyle, i am a very nice guy, many friends, and a very loving and caring family. I am a twin, but a fraternal twin unfortunately, my bro will never have my dashing good looks :P

    as far as other interests go: i have a deep passion for music, i do cross country running as my sport, favorite movies include: Citizen Kane, Fight Club, and Inception. Videogames include: the Portal,Halo, and Gears of War series. and my favorite genre of music is alternative/indie, but i still LOVE the classics such as the Beatles, Queen, Elton John

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    Welcome, Miracole. Your dashing enthusiasm is catching. I am sure you will find plenty of good friends here. Paul.

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