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Thread: How many people have visited your profile page so far?

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    Default How many people have visited your profile page so far?

    I'm just curious to see how my visitor count on my profile page stacks up compared to other members here. So far my profile page has had 357 visits. What's yours up to?

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    515... isn't this more a fun and games type thread either that or it should be a poll question ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    I've had 711 visits. [chokeslam, takes the belt!]
    Not so fast, my friend. "This page has had 2,534 visits."

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    Exactally 500.

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    Natsu has 25 000+ according to the stats table and is top.

    I can't check my own placement (modset doesn't appear in the list), but I'm fairly sure I'm in the top 20. I was somewhere close to dogboy last time I asked, and he's at 8 800+. Someone could check for me and post, I guess. I'm banned from seeing user profiles (including my own) so I can't check myself.

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    For me as of 12:26 DST 13/03/2012, I've had approximately 31 visits.

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