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Thread: New dresses woot

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    Talking New dresses woot

    I have lot of sun dresses and 2 maids out fits.
    I finally got some super detail frill dress and felt the need to share pics of them as I am waiting for them to come in.

    and this

    So major sissy joy here and my new lacy underwire free black Bra came into today so I am very excited

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    Ohhhh cute i have to say i like the bottom one, i just love sashes & belts

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    Thx I will need post pictures of me dolled up when the get in
    Also I am so happy they got my size in on the other two I was looking for, and matching bloomers so I splurged and got them now I can a proper sissy all week long :joy: I feellike the luckiest girl(mentally anyway) alive at the moment!



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    You're my least favourite person ever at the moment! Jokes, I'm so jealous though.

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    Aw cute. =) I like the bottom one too.... I want it in lavender, my favourite colour... hehe.

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    I'm not a sissy, but I'd totally wear that first dress.

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    Well I finally got to get dolled up a bit so I put on the top dress with pink bra and some enhancer so I have some boobies, my white nylons with blue bows, white stain garter belt, and purple lacy satin panties with a purple bow on the back with a pink rose in the middle, sorry no but shots of the bow as gater belt block them a little. Also the romper is awesome, I have worn it for two nights and purple being my favorite like Plily I know want a lavender or purple one, when I can I will post the site I use for those interested. Links to some of my best suppliers of sissy stuff
    2 pics below
    Warning I am fat.
    whats underneath

    The dress and me being happy

    Jolie's store everything is measured inches for convince
    IC France for leggings garter belts etc. again easy sizing
    Notty Paradise for some good naughty knickers, easy sizing
    Spanking time great padded panties etc.
    Kimberly secret great dress and skirts, rompers.
    atm1106 the occasional nice lacy bra in the odd sizes some of us wear such as mine 46A
    Brand slam great for bras I got this bra below there and it is great.
    Orange pink 46A
    Nel-jen - takes a while but her stuff is great.
    Any way sorry for long post just happy to be a proper girl for bit may go show the guys up in some gaming tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asayuu View Post
    No freaking way!!! *CLAPS* I just bought this one today too!!!! Along with a 4 set of panties! LOL we're dress mates!

    And to you who know my last post about the first dress I bought... yuuup.. they are addictive

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