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    Cool Fuubuu

    I was looking to buy some FUUBUU from China. Can anybody say a few words on the quality and the sizing? (I'm size 32" waist). Anybody have a favorite pair of diapers or plastic pants I should definitely buy? Thanks friends!

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    I buy from Fuubuu on rare occasions. I find that they exaggerate. While not bad in quality, they don't live up to the hype that they advertise. Their sizing seems to be good, but for me, their products aren't thick enough, or in the case of plastic pants, crinkly enough.

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    I buy a lot of stuff from(35-40 diapers and counting not counting plastic pants and other accessories. Their storage capability of liquid is over rated but they fit better than most contoured cloth diapers I have found, the same for AIO's, the reason the pants don't crinkle as much is Fuubuu is also targeting the IC market and they intend for the pants to be as quiet and as soft as possible.
    As far as favorite setup from them I prefer to wear a trainer then night time Velcro diaper no built in cover then I slide on a cute pair of flannel covered plastic pants and just before they are all the way up I put one or two of the doubler pads from them in between my legs, this setup usually holds about 4-6 600cc-800cc wettings respectively.

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    i wasnt too fond of their stuff i got. im thinking of giving them away.

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    I was looking there the other day. Look a bit sketchy, but now i've seen this i feel a little better.

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