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Thread: Wearing nappies/diapers at university

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    Question Wearing nappies/diapers at university

    Hello again!

    I'm writing to the community to ask some advice on wearing nappies/diapers at university

    I leave for my chosen uni in September and wondered if there any people in the community with experience with wearing whilst in Halls?

    Was it too risky? Did you have enough personal space? How was the disposal? Was there any way of getting in touch with others who were into the *B/DL lifestyle already there?

    Currently I'm thinking that university will be a great time to enjoy this part of my life more than I can at the minute, what does everyone else think?



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    Ah. It's not too bad. I've only done it three times. Best thing to do is wear boxers or underwear over the diaper depending if it's plastic or not.

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    Hi there,

    Many years ago I was living in an apartment which was shared but split so everyone had pretty much there own space. I was able to hide mine behind some drawers in the wardrobe but if you get caught, expect everyone to laugh at you and be spread around. Especially if your door isn't automatic locked when closed, people will barge in and see everything. The disposal was easy, I mixed it with domestic waste and nobody ever noticed. Don't be sloppy, put everything away. Other than that, enjoy your every moment padded up alone or with anyone else you meet.

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    Hi Ginger.
    I was able to enjoy occasional play when back at uni. I did halls for a year, and was never going to stop wearing simply because of that. You do obviously need to be extremely careful... And also smart about it. Make sure you have strong rubbish bags (non see-thru), and also a good hiding space for the pack of nappies.

    When you take them off, roll up and double bag them. You should be able to either store them a short while and throw out with rest of your rubbish, or you could remove them individually in your school bag/ sports bag and casually dump them in local public rubbish bins. I opted for that approach for that year.

    Good to have wet wipes in your room so you can freshen up well, even if you can't really escape to the communal showers.

    Do it. Enjoy it. Get a great education!

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    I live off campus so probably won't be much help, but I only wear on Tuesday's, I've set that aside as my diaper day if I'm in the mood. I chose Tuesday because I only have lectures and a nice big 2 hour break to enjoy it and change if I need to.

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    It sort of depends if you end up on ground floor halls I have 2 years out of 3 so far and it just feels too risky with all the traffic.
    The one year I was on the 3rd floor It was fairly easy to indulge but getting the nappies to the bin required being nocturnal and learning when it was possible to head downstairs with the evidence to the outside bin without fear of discovery, and I did have an unfortunate run in with the fire alarm, I was just happily taped in and beginning to pee and it went off, had to "waste" it to feel safe heading outside it ended up as a slightly predamped doubler after some modification.
    As to finding more of us it's not like the uni will have a soc for it but I'd guess if you were willing to risk it you could post up your university on here and maybe someone else who goes to your uni of choice is on here, no promises though ^_^

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    Too risky? Not really as no one really stayed in my room for any significant length of time, more risky now that I'm a house.

    Plenty of space? Yep, single room and was pretty good in terms of size and all my stuff was just in a suitcase under my bed so no issues there.

    Disposal? I only ever used a diaper once in halls and disposal was fine, a bit risky since I had to go down from the top floor and was one of the furthest from the dumpster but didn't bump into anyone so it was OK. Traffic and proximity to a dumpster may affect how easy it will be for you though.

    Talking to others already here? Hasn't happened as I haven't looked but probably wouldn't bother meeting them, I just prefer keeping things to the internet I suppose but that may not stop you. If you can find someone willing to meet you then do it but prepare to be disappointed if they say no.

    Sure you can enjoy it more at uni, I have to an extent but only since I have left halls. Halls for me was about being half way between dependent and independent and used that time to have fun and make friends rather than spend my time indulging in this part of me. Still don't indulge too much now but wear footie pajamas most nights these days. Just have fun but tread with same caution you do at home, sure you won't have the same consequences if you were caught at uni but I wouldn't want to be known as the guy who wore diapers for fun.

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    well if you are going to wear i say wear eather pull up or cloth backed. at my college we have our own bathrooms in each room so i can go in there to change but i only change well my roomate is out. if you can get a single room that would make it realy easy to change in the room. but i only can get the trash out once a week and that is with me using alot of plastic cups to fill it up (yes i know i am probably wasting but it is for diapers) untell i can take the trash out i hide them in the empty plastic tubs i use to transport my stuff from my dorm room to to house and back. just note that if the dipys get stinky then that stink can seep into the palstic of the tubs.
    but good luck, and ps i only use my diaper when i know i well have the time to change.

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    I hid mine at the back of my wardrobe in a couple of shopping bags, and when I needed to get rid of them I put them in plastic bags inside a bin liner which I would then take out to the bins - people will think this is just general rubbish from your room.
    I hope you have a great time at uni!

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    I have not been able to easily wear diapers in the halls in college. I have a roommate, and share community bathrooms, so it makes it a big challenge.

    My roommate is a nice guy, but i don't think he would accept that fact that i like diapers. Our room is quite a popular hangout spot for a lot of our friends, and I would be risking it too much to be diapered around everyone. It all depends on your living situation I guess!

    I have heard about one other AB/DL on campus through some site, but we have never met. He is 2 years ahead of me, so that might make a difference, but I would not care!

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