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    hi everybody. my name's brandi. you may know me by the username goodnitesbrandi on experience project, my blog, etc. but for those of you who story is as follows:

    i was potty trained during the day by age 4. but i still wet at night. my mom put me back into diapers at night (goodnites werent around yet). i hated wearing diapers at night, but by the time i was almost six, i stopped wetting.

    but, as i grew, i wondered what it would feel like to wear diapers again. i think i was around 11 and i was at my friends house. she had a younger sister who was still in diapers. i saw a pack of pampers on the floor and i made an excuse that i had to go to the bathroom. i snuck a diaper out of the pack and tried it on. i loved it!
    later, i saved up my allowance and finally got enough to buy a pack of diapers. i went to walmart and saw goodnites for the first time. i bought a pack and tried them.

    i got hme and tried them on. i immedietley fell in love with them.

    so eventually my mom found my diapers and talked to me. she decided that she didnt like it, but for her, shed much rather have me into diapers than doing drugs. she also said that if i wanted diapers, id have to buy them.

    once i got into high school, i started looking up abdls. i decided that once i moved out i would get an apartment and store it full of diapers.

    now, i have my own place and i can be an abdl like i truley am.

    if anybody is new with being an abdl and has questions, feel free to ask me. otherwise, ill mainly be answering questions in forums on here, trying to help out as many abdls as i can, because i think that we all need to stick together.

    and i have a blog!

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    Hi Brandi- welcome to ADISC. What are some of your non-ABDL interests? I look forward to getting to know you more. ^_^
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    Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace.

    I hope you are privileged to get to know some of the fine folks here and are able to contribute to the community in turn.

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