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Thread: VCRs- who still uses them?

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    Default VCRs- who still uses them?

    Yeah, I still use a VCR, so what?

    I've got a ton of wrestling PPVs, events, old football games and shows I've taped over the years before the advent of DVDs and yeah, some I can now get on DVD but there's something special about reliving the moments you recorded something.

    For example, I'm watching right now a Cleveland Browns game I was at on Dec. 24, 2006 against Tampa Bay that I taped while at the stadium so I could see if I was on TV.

    I also have stuff older than that. I have the 1981 perfect game by Lenny Barker from WUAB, and other old games.

    I do have a DVD player but sometimes I do like my videotapes. It's a weird thing I guess.

    My question is this: Does anyone else use a VCR sometimes just to relive things? I know this is a weird question to ask but I was wondering if I was alone in this.


    Am I weird in this way or what? Just wondering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    but there's something special about reliving the moments you recorded something.
    Yep, it's called skipping ad's and "owning" it for as long as you want. Which is why DVR's replaced it, if I got rid of sat/cable I would still record stuff in HD from my PC itself.

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    Yeah I love to watch my old Toy Story tape sometimes, its really cool and makes me feel like a little kid again and I get all nostalgic. I've had Toy Story on VHS since I can remember and as a Pixar fan I love rewatching their first feature length film on its original release format. I also have other films I like to watch, not to mention things I have recorded off tv, I still have a few movies that mum and dad taped for me when I was little; Home Alone 1 & 2 and Homeward Bound, there are others but I can't remember what they are at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    VCRs- who still uses them?

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    I should add, I do have a DVR- I have had one through my cable company since 2004 when I upgraded from basic cable to DVR Digital and I love my DVR. However, I just like watching the old tapes.

    I went through my tapes and I found my early Simpsons tapes that I recorded from '95, '96 '97 and '98, I also found my China Beach collection that I put together back in 1999 and my prized CHiPs tapes which I did in the years of 1996-1999; it took me three years to get every episode of CHiPs on tape. I had wanted to do that for YEARS but wasn't able to do that living at home. However, I do have CHiPs on DVD and unfortunately, they've only released the first two seasons so far on DVD.

    It's just fun going through old things lol. And yeah, I do have and use a DVR. I have had that since 2004 and since then, have used that more than my VCR. I only use the VCR to view old tapes and to tape football games so I can have copies of them.


    Plus, sometimes it's fun to watch old commercials from back in the day!

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    I have a VCR too, but rarely use it. I still have it hooked into my TV, should I decide that I need it for some reason. However, I think that it will soon be given the boot from the entertainment center. The entertainment center is getting a little crowded.TV, VCR, DVD player, small stereo, Xbox w/ kinect sensor.

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    Only long enough to get the stuff off the VHS tape into my computer ;p

    Id seriously recommend this, even if you plan on still watching the VHS. Those old tapes last a while.. but when they go.. they go quick.

    I'm nostalgic about the content (especially some of the older ads for products that went no-where / old tech) more so than the medium.

    That said, I do get some nostalgic appeal loading up old tapes on my dragon32 "color computer" (TRS-80 knock off). There are good emulators out there, but nothing compares to the real thing. Same as how playing old NES games just isn't the same without the old floor model CRT. So I guess I can see where you are coming from.

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    I used to have a VCR, up until about 4-8 months ago. I'm not that into nostalgia at all.

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    I had a VCR that my mom got in 1986 (I was just 3 back then), then I took it with me when I moved out (in 2003) and I used it until I finally threw it away in 2008... since I got the DVD player and I put my old heavy bulky VCR in the storage for couple of years before I threw it away (to save space)... it was half broken anyway (the display lights are broken and the original remote was broken but still plays the tape just fine).

    By the way, I do enjoy to check out the adverts on Youtube occasionally! =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    sometimes it's fun to watch old commercials from back in the day!
    yeah, i kinda like that, too.
    my VCR is a Sony, a top-of-the-range-ish one, bought when i was still a techno freak (before i grew up). despite it being Sony, it's picture quality was nowhere near as good as my earlier Mitsubishi one (again, a top-of-the-range-ish model) and that pissed me off to the point of my eagerly taking to the first DVD recorders; and, in terms of picture quality, there's no going back on that (i'm now on a PVR [HDD + DVD], plus PVR [flash drives] telly) (okay, i'm still a freak).

    although, picture quality wasn't always a priority: a fuzzy pirate version of True Lies that i had, always held my favour, even after the film was shown on the telly. i just never liked the film in it's full glory and i stuck to my old pirate version.
    one of the gripes i had during the switch to DVD was that most films simply weren't of a quality that justified them being on the DVD format. i still feel that way (and more so with the newer high-def formats). i mean, for most films, nowadays, i'm perfectly happy with a size of 700mb or 1.4gb - i just can't see how a 4.7gb, or double, is justified for disposable eye-candy.
    makes you wonder that if the film distributors also sold CD versions, at less than half the price of the DVD versions, they wouldn't lose so much to internet 'pirates'?

    as for my recorded stuff, i've got totes of 'em. only managed to put some stuff onto dvd, though it's always been my intention to get all the 'rare' stuff onto dvd, i just never seem to have the time or mood for it.

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