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Thread: Teddies vs. Bellissimos

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    Default Teddies vs. Bellissimos

    I was hanging out with Komodo and today we started talking about Bambino's Bellissimos, since they just got to Canada finally. According B4NS's page, the Teddies are from the new line. Does that mean that the Teddies and Bellissimos are the same in all but the print on the front, or are the Bellissimos better? Thinking of getting the Teddies, since Bellissimos are sold out, but only if they're the same.

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    I think the Bellisimos fit and plastic is a little different? I don't know I haven't had them in a while. I do know I prefer Teddies, but that's just me.

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    Based on the information on Bambino's site, I'm inclined to believe that the two are still different, since the teddies are being sold for 2/3 the price as the bellissimos.

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    Thanks guys. Decided to buy it anyway and split it with someone who already got the Bellissimos. If they turn out the same, awesome. If not, we can swap around what we use.

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    Yes i think so to. Bellissimos is the thicker diaper.

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    yes, they are very different diapers. Both very good but picture an A Class vs a S Class diaper. Bellisimo is more expensive for a reason. (also my default diaper at the moment)

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    Follow up question:

    Which is more absorbent and which swells more when full, Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo?

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    Having tried both, I can say the teddies tapes rip more often than the bellissimos. The bellissimos swell more and feel bulkier. They both have a weird low-rise fit to them. I'd rather wear an Abena when all things are considered. I guess it's just personal preference, but I'm not a fan of Bambinos.

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