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    Default Hi from NE SCOTLAND

    Hi everyone,

    this'll be the 5th attempt to post an intro so I'll make this one brief.

    I'm from north east Scotland! Disabled, urinary incontinent. I've read on this forum a few times since I registered, i like the rules of respect to all users!

    I read a message regarding Lidl's selling adult nappies in a dead thread. Having i LIDL's in my town, i was wondering if they'd been just a "one off", although posts went from May to June, even one in October last year.

    I was left bladder incontinent after having 3 failed spinal fusions,the last one making it worse with nerve root damage. So I'm in bed most hours in the day as standing or sitting for too long leads to not being able to move for the pain. I Love driving too, but it doesn't Love me. Aboot 15-20 minutes before I've to stop to get out and stand up,

    I used to Love working with computers, playing pc and console games, I've still got a pc, laptop, near each console but Even my psp hardly sees the light of day. Its not very enjoyable limited to playing games laying on your back or your side. Especially FPS games like Soldier of Fortune, I've got a 360 and a PS3 with 4 games and the karate kid, only game i tried is gran Turismo 5, used to Love that series on the ps2. I'm no use at shooters now.

    Well I'm going to try sleep for a bit, hopefully this post will reach the forum this time!

    Best regards,


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    it went through! :-)
    i use tena maxi Btw. I've tried a lot of different brands. I was initially given a few different sizes of attends to try by the district nurses But they really burned my skin, My skin is very sensitive, so i buy my own. I've tena super if I've got a hospital or doctor appointment and maxi for all other times. From homecare. They're cheaper than tena themselves. Pity pampers didn't make adult sizes! When I've tried a brand that burned my skin I'd put a pampers inside it. Cutting slits on the outside. As i hear other's do. Though pull-up's are no use to me as I'm unable to get them on.

    Best regards,
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    Yay Scotland!!!

    I'm also from Scotland! It's always wonderful to have more Scottish members! Welcome to ADISC!

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    hey hows it going, hit me up if you ever wanna chat , otherwise enjoy!

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    Ah another member from the NE, I live in Aberdeen myself and welcome to the forum.

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    Hey I am a fellow IC sufferer. Mine is due to Nerve damage kinda. We are still trying to get to the bottom of it all. I also spend a lot of time in bed from pain and exhaustion. I hope you find a lot of friends here to talk to. And Welcome to Adisc.

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    Welcome! And hey, if you're in Scotland, my neighbor's band is going on another tour of Scotland including the 32nd Shetland Folk Festival. What a small world!

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