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    I did something unintentional that may have made my Depend diaper become thicker feeling. I used a mist spray bottle to gently wet the whole inside of the diaper. I ended up not wearing it that night because my wife came home. I just grabbed it (7 days later) and it feels bulkier. I'm sure having it sit after opening helped too. I'm going to try it again to see if that happens again.

    Has anyone done this? I'm just wearing for fun and change soon after I wet so it's not a big deal if the absorbancy isn't as perfect as it should be.

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    It'll be mostly the sitting out, not the spraying, that made your diaper thicker. Consider that the total volume of water that you sprayed on the diaper was probably very small, and the SAP in the diaper is only going to swell in proportion to the volume of water it soaks up. On the other hand, diapers are really squashed into those packages! Take them out and give them some room, and they'll get a lot thicker. When I buy Pampers--very thin!!--I always take them out of the bag and place them in a larger box. They'll be about twice as thick the next day!

    Gently shaking your diaper can fluff it up quickly, although you have to be careful. Too much shaking can dislodge all the pulp and SAP, and then the diaper won't perform as well and may feel clumpy.

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    If I want my diapers to be bulkier, I just add more diapers . As far as why you diaper got more bulky, I would have to agree with cottontail, its probably expanded from not being jammed into the bag anymore.

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    Interesting idea. The water would definitely expand the diaper by making it swell. But wouldn't that also wreck the absorbency? And if you're wearing Depends, you don't have a ton of absorbency to begin with.

    Did you find that it stayed somewhat absorbent after the spray treatment?

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    I haven't tried wetting it yet. I had to take it off, my wife came home about 15 minutes after that post. I'm not really worried about how it holds up, it's the bulky feeling that I liked. I'm not going to put more than one diaper on cause it seems to be a waste to me for how little I get to wear. After looking at the diaper I noticed the diaper that I sprayed was a little older, purchased in October. The new ones I bought this February are thinner and I can pull the tapes off and reuse them which is nice. I took all my diapers out of the package so they could fluff.

    Something I thought of yesterday: Kinky people go to sex shops to buy their fetish items. I go to Walgreens for my fetish items!

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    After I put the kids to bed tonight I put a new diaper on and just as I put my pants on my wife walked through the back door. She asked why I had the door to our bedroom closed and I straight-out told her I just put a diaper on. I still have it on and she hasn't commented negative or positive yet which is good. I'm going to keep it on for the night! Going to bed now...with a smile! I'll see what she says, if she says anything?

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    They could be a little thicker for sure...awhile back they used to be pretty quality. But it seems as though they're striving to make discreet underwear than they are a thick crinkly diaper for us, being a businessman I can understand their approach.

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    Speaking of bulk. I just got done with a double-thick Assurance with an insert in it. After a 6 wettings it started to leak a bit, tightened it on the bottom tapes, it held out for another 2. In the few hours that I wore it, I drank my usual two monsters, just to wet more.

    Also, right now, I have two depend (inner-most one is slit open on the backing), with an Assurance over it for extra bulk. It feels amazing but it's really hard to walk. Waste of diapers? Yes. Comfy as all hell? Yes. Do I do this too often? Yes, because I can't order better diapers at the moment.

    All this talk about these sub-par diapers is making me excited for April. I'm going to have a chance to order diapers without the parents being home. I plan on stocking up this time. I keep talking about it :S

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