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Thread: thinking on becoming part sissy~

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    Default thinking on becoming part sissy~

    ive been thinking of becoming part sissy for a bit now, and i may wanna do it ^///^ do any of u have any tips about it or what its like to be a sissy~?

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    Put it this way.... You don't become a sissy. Just like you don't become an AB/DL.. You either are or you aren't. It's not just about clothes or appearances, it's a way of thinking.

    I think you either always are to a certain extent, and you either never realize it till a point in time.

    It's just opening yourself up to a unconscious knowledge that has always existed, but not been addressed. But idk, I'm sure there have been people that weren't really sissies and gave it a shot just for fun. But only you have the ability to know these facts for yourself. You never know until you try :]

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    well.... i think i wanna try. when i get a chance, i wanna try it with my GF. she said she already did not mind and said i would be cute as one >///< so i plan to try it out and see how i like it ^^ thanks for the advice!!!

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    From the way I understand it, being an LG/sissy isn't about what you do, but what you feel. If you want to be in sissy or LG scenarios, then you're a sissy.

    To compare, it's not much different than saying you're an AB. People that are incontinent aren't ABs because they wear diapers, even if they use a onesie to keep the diaper from sagging. Being an AB is rather binary. Either you are one, or you aren't. Whether you act on it doesn't matter because when you got down to it, it's an internal feeling. Sissy isn't really any different. You don't need to actually engage in sissy activities to "become" one, you just need to want to engage in them.

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    i see.... wellll..... i guess im a sissy then ^_^

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