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    I tried wearing pullu ups 4s but their to small and parents don know cause their against it

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    Hey kasia, I'm sorry to hear that you parents are against it, but here you are welcome to be yourself, ask questions, say funny things, and most importantly learn more about you. Believe me you learn a bunch here and you will be safe as well. ADISC has strict guide lines that make abuse non existent, and no creeper stalk this site because they are quickly weeded out. This is a friendly environment and I am possotive that you will make friends quickly. I'm happy that you are here and I welcome you here to our "little" corner in heaven n.n
    What can I say I can't resist a good pun every now and again.

    Welcome friend,
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    Hi kasia, welcome to ADSIC, we are a supportive non-pedophilic community here where you are welcome, what are some of your no TB interests

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    I like binkies to an suck one now and then but want to every night but my lil bro sleeps in my room and he's a snitch

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    so are your parents so much against it they don't allow you to do it... or... how is the relationship about this... if you don't mind me asking.

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    They found a bottle I had hid and freaked out and yelled at me till I said it was a kid we use to watches an I forgot to pour it out and take it down to be washed but told my boyfriend about my thumb sucking and binkie today and my half sister and they're okay with it an half sister hasn't met me.

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    Uhm I'm guessin thats how all parents wud react... I don't know... I lost mine awhile back...

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    Welcome to ADISC, Kasia. I love that name, btw. It can be hard being a teenager with infantile interests, what with hiding all your "gear" around family and such, but ADISC is a totally supportive community like Jnoto said. What are some of your non-babyish interests?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC, Kasia! I hope that you enjoy the site and get a chance to interact with the many great people who are on here.

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