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    Ok so heres the story. I've been dating my current girlfriend (who is 21, I am 20) for 2 years and about 3 months now. Last night we were just relaxing on the couch when she told me about a fantasy that she wants me to and her to do. I couldn't believe it cause she has never told me about this before haha. Anyways we go into talking and sharing some of the "fantasy" things when all of a sudden I could bring up diapers and see where it goes. I have never told anyone about my diaper loving ever so I didn't outright just blab out and tell her. I made up a story which was part true part false. Basically I said that I got hurt in one of my hockey games when I was in high school and it affected my bladder so I sometimes had to wear diapers. But that's all I said and she seemed to be very accepting about it and thought it was cute. She really is a very accepting girlfriend in case you wanted to know. She will support me no matter what. But now here comes my hardship. What do I do now? What should I tell her? How can I get her to either diaper me or put her in a diaper and we can enjoy it together. Like a fun "fantasy" thing. Which ironically is a fantasy of mine. So please people I need some advice! Thanks.

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    I would tell her if you feel secure. My boyfriend told me about this after dating for about a year and a few months and I had to tell him tons of secrets and fantasies before he came out about it. If she has already came out with some fantasies I think it's fair to do it back. Just explain everything and not just go "yeah,I'm an adult baby" because to someone who doesn't know what that all means could mean a lot of things that aren't true. Explain what you want in your fantasy (but keep in mind that it's all new to her so don't go completely crazy). Tell her your fantasy and things that you would like (her to play a mommy role or maybe even a playmate role) but keep reminding her that she doesn't need to do this all right away and it's just a little by little thing.

    That's how my boyfriend told me and it was easy to accept.

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    Well, if feel that you can really trust her to understand, tell her. Obviously she is willing to share her fantasies with you so its only right that you should share as well. Maybe you could say, "Rememebr we were talking about fantasies, I have one that I would like to share" and then tell her. I would use words like AB or DL, just say that you like to wear diapers. See where that goes and if she accpts that ask her if she will diaper you or whatever else you would like her to do. Go slowly so she can take it in. It can be a strange idea for someone that has never had these thoughts but that doesnt mean she wont accept it. Good luck !

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