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Thread: I wet the bed! :(

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    Default I wet the bed! :(

    To start off with i've been wearing and using 24/7 for the last month or so with the sole purpose of trying to teach myself how to use diapers without really showing any changed body language or hesitating or flinching, thus far everything's been great. But today after getting home in the afternoon and being a little bit damp (nothing above a few drops) i fell asleep and when i woke about 6 hours later up my diaper was completely soaked and so was my bed!

    I've now gone from being ecstatic about starting to be able to use diapers without hesitating or really stressing to being stressed and worried that i might have somehow begun to revive my old bedwetting and accident days (i wet the bed and wore dry nights or tends with some regularity up until i was about 16 or so, and had occasional day time accidents when i was really stressed or upset in throughout high school if things got really bad.

    Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else on here? Or is it probably just like a one off freak accident or something?

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    well when i was trying to lose more control, not 24/7 at the time but just lose some control i would go to bed in a slighly wet diaper and sometimes when i woke up i would find it even wetter or leaking. i am not sure if it was the quality of the diaper that made it leak or if i did wet again in the middle of the night. so i may of happend to me and it may of not happened to me i am just not sure.
    but if you are going to go 24/7 there there should not be a problam with wetting the bed. just make sure you have an extra thick diaper on when you want to go to sleep. i do understand that i can be embarising, but you should so what feels best with you as in to eather keep wearing 24/7 or not (or just use your diaper before you go to sleep then it well be hard to wet well you are sleeping)

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    I've had an experience somewhat like this. I went to bed a little soggy, and woke up to notice that the wetness indicators were almost nonexistent. The only time I was wetting the bed, would be when I went through a traumatic event. I suppose the depression caused me to wet while I was asleep.

    It is possible that this is a random coincidence and would suggest not paying much attention to it, however, if this does continue I probably suggest: Laying off the diapers during the daytime or visiting a doctor.

    Could you have been really tired, and had a bit too much water or something?

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    I've worn for a couple months straight now and I still don't wet the bed. Not that I'm actively trying to mind you, but the only time I even get desperate to pee to the point where wetting myself might be inevitable is when I drink water or coffee. That's going to be true for about anyone.

    You said you had regular wetting accidents when you were a teenager, so this could simply be a relapse. I agree with Furtive in that you should most definitely see a doctor. And be honest with him about your diaper usage. Best case scenario he'll do some tests and recommend you for counseling while you wait for the lab results.

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    Default Be Careful

    Since youíre wearing 24/7, I assume youíre purposely wetting in bed. That being the case, with your history of bed-wetting thereís a good chance youíll regress back to it. If thatís a problem, stop wearing/wetting in bed.

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    Your ambivalence about wetting is a matter of some concern. On the one hand, you're wearing 24/7, which certainly indicates that you're an avid DL. On the other hand, you worry about unconsciously wetting the bed. I think that you really need to decide what you want. If you don't want any "natural" diaper wetting, you should probably confine yourself to only occasionally wearing a diaper. On the other hand, if you want to wear and wet constantly, you need to accept that, given your history of bedwetting and daytime accidents, you are likely to become diaper dependent.

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    Being diaper dependent is not abad thing. Be careful what you ask for, you could easily become stuck with 27/7diapers knowing your history. Once you become diaper dependent a second time, it is really hard to regain control.

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