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    Hi, I'm Paul (sorry, cybername, but it'll have to do!)

    I have received such encouragement after enrolling on this friendly site (including a welcome message from Moo, the administrator) that I thought I must give something of an introduction, despite general shyness about a sensitive side of me seldom revealed to anyone! Here are some snippets of my interest. .

    When I was about 10 my family gave lodging to a boy of my age who wet the bed quite frequently. The heavy religious atmosphere generated by my mother meant that we boys were discouraged from even mentioning 'down there' let alone discussing topics. The boy had other issues and, beyond a childish friendship, we were not close. I was secretly turned on by his problem, however, and in adolescence would have liked to renew contact, but this was impossible. I have always had sympathy for any who find it difficult to cope with incontinence, and try to show full understanding. .

    Meantime, in the relaxed countryside atmosphere when we swam in the river I would change well away from everybody, and secretly wet my comfortable swimsuit while it was still dry, then plunge in the water before anyone noticed. . .

    I upgraded this in later schooldays when, now mainly free of religion, sometimes I would camp on a section of river alone. On my first such expedition I improvised a fantastic diaper:- two pairs of briefs, two pairs of boxers, swimming trunks, swimming shorts and all held in tight by an old pair of school shorts. On the way to the site I drank as many litres of water as I could hold. I was amazed that, despite that, I was unable to start wetting immediately, and when I did, the pleasure was immense. . .

    Much later, I plucked up courage to order a pack of diapers. Found using them a great pleasure. Later bought an excellent plastic undersheet, and discovered the excitement of using a diaper in bed!. . .

    I live a full life, and cannot share this interest with my partner. I love swimming in company, and do a lot of choral singing. I like attending to the domestic side of our establishment, especially the garden, and am lucky to enjoy much travel.

    I note the warnings given on the Topix Bedwetting Forum about how difficult it is to recover from 'regression', so, much as I would like to wet in my sleep, have resisted temptation to go too far. The fetish remains an important, but occasional indulgence.

    Well, that's my introduction. Thanks for reading and for the welcome. It's time I shut up and let someone else have a go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sypl View Post
    Hi, I'm Paul (sorry, cybername, but it'll have to do!)

    Well, that's my introduction. Thanks for reading and for the welcome. It's time I shut up and let someone else have a go!
    Great intro and very informative. A person with a very strong religious up bringing would have a very difficult time with this or any fetish. But I'm impressed that you seem to be at peace with juggling this part of your life with the rest of it and your ability to keep it a secret.

    I hope you participate often and don't become a stranger here.

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    Thanks, NateSean, for most encouraging response. I wondered what kind of reception my long post might get, and your kind words have set me at ease. I'll endeavour to follow your advice.

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    Wow, sypl, I have to say, that is perhaps one of the best intros I've read here yet!

    I'm sorry to hear that you can't share this side of you with your partner; that really sucks. I know it's hard for me to deal with keeping it a secret, and I don't have a partner, so I can only imagine how you manage to do it and still be happy. That you can is fantastic though! Maybe you'll be able to give me some pointers on that, because, while I doubt I'll have a partner anytime soon, I will be getting a roommate in the next couple months, and I'm freaked out of my mind!!!

    I also see that you like to garden. That's wonderful. I work on a golf course, and love every minute of it. There is something satisfying about watching something beautiful grow, and knowing you played a part in it, no? While I admit I tend to be much more focused on grass, I do love to do landscaping too. I think, when I get a place of my own, I'm going to plant a garden and just make it a beautiful space to enjoy. Nothing better than fresh salad and a hammock to enjoy! (I'm a hammock freak, I love them!)

    Heh heh, I digress. Welcome to ADISC, sypl!

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    Hey there, great intro i enjoyed reading it! Welcome to ADSIC

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    Thanks, Turfy, for such a generous comment. You mention pointers on keeping things secret. The key factor is careful planning. You know in advance that you'll be getting a roommate. To keep a private activity going, you need both time and secure space. Most roommates have their own interests and times that will take them away for specified periods, or they will take weekends or separate holiday periods away. This will enable you to determine what is possible. I have been forced to share a room in the past while working on the job, in one case for a whole year. Fortunately our duties were at different times. This allowed some privacy, but even then diaper-wearing was out of the question. However, I had generous leave periods when I could go off on camping expeditions etc. and do as I pleased. Secure space can be a problem in a small room. Minimum was a locked suitcase under my bed. Better still was a metal, lockable filing cabinet. (A stack of diapers will fit in a large filing box quite well!) As you are working, the need for this can easily be explained: to keep business documents secure, to store valuables like passport, bank cards, cash etc. If you want to enjoy using the diapers, external space may be necessary. Is it possible to go off to a secluded wooded area, beach etc.? Are there any unused outbuildings on your golf course or in your neighbourhood you could claim as your own or even hire for tools storage etc.? These ideas may not be of specific use, but they may set you thinking! My worst situation was in junior army training camp: only inches between beds, showers in common and even toilets with open cubicles! Any hint of incontinence would have seen me drummed out of the force in disgrace! Only good thing was that the testosterone built up unhindered over the month until we went on leave so the release into diapers and anything else around was mind-blowing. Hope you at least find somewhere to install your hammock! Cheers.

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    Glad you enjoyed reading my Introduction, Foxracer 529. Pleased to add you as a friend.

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    Thanks for the welcome, BabyBoyGeorgie. I see you are also new to the forum, so welcome to you, too.

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