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    Does anyone know if they sell reusable cloth diapers? I dont mean the white kind you fold, I mean like the pull on or snap on decorated kind that are popular with babies now.

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    yes, if you find "All in ones" You can find them from many websites. There's pros and cons with them.

    Pros: Easier to use.

    Cons: Harder to clean, the waterproof backing on them will become an issue because the water and detergent will have a hard time to get deep in to the cloth to clean properly.
    They pretty much have to dry with no high temperature or the waterproof lining will get destroyed. Also the waterproof lining also will deteriorate then it will eventually start needing plastic pants to go with it.
    They are also quite pricey, look to spend about 50 bucks a piece on them.

    Also you can still get pre-folds (Pin ons). You can use Snappi fasteners to take care of that so you don't have to use pins and its a lot easier to use.

    They have velcro cloth diapers that do not have a waterproof lining. Then you can pick out a pair of plastic pants to go over them.

    Here are some places that you can check out. (They have all sorts of different cloth diapers to decide on) (search "fuubuu". They have some all in ones, and velcro without lining) (They have a great selection of plastic pants pre-folds and other things like Adult sized pacifiers, those snappi fasteners for prefold diapers. Diaper Detergent.) (they have a wide range of cloth diaper products)

    If you want to see more just go to google and type in Adult Cloth Diapers or Reusable Adult Diapers.

    When you want to get your size you should use a tape measure around your navel (not hips).

    I also want to add that getting a onesie will help keep it snug and keep it from sagging.

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