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Thread: Hello to everyone!

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    Default Hello to everyone!

    Hey there, I don't really have much to say being here, but I'll give you an introduction anyway:

    Hi, how's it going? I'm from a different AB/DL community and I thought I would expand my options and learn to make new friends. I enjoy things music, as I'm in the high school band. I also love video games, including Halo and Battlefield for my Xbox. I also right diapered fiction stories during my free time.

    I have never had a true teen-baby experience, besides wearing pull-ups to bed. I typically enjoy doing RPs and mini, personal RPs, and I enjoy forming bonds with people who I become good friend with. You know, say, a mommy, an older sister, an uncle, etc...
    I'm sure I am joining a friendly community that is welcome to that. ^_^

    Anyway, that's really about it. Hope I'm welcome!
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    Hello there! I am also a Teen Baby with no mommy and am stuck with individual role play. Anyway i hope you enjoy our supportive community here at ADISC!

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    Hihi Lone!
    I see you made it here too.
    I'm no help to show you around, I'm still bumping into walls myself.

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    Howdy, Hira! ^^
    Great to see you here, too. It seems you have the same knowledge of that site as I. XD

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    Hello and welcome thelonegrunt! I hope you enjoy your time on the site and I look forward to reading some of your stories in the future.

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    Welcome! I also do mostly personal play and am trying to expand my AB expereinces since I havent told anyone and dont have a daddy or other person to play with.

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