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Thread: Good morning from Blighty

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    Smile Good morning from Blighty

    Good morning everyone,

    I've just signed up to this group and I thought it only polite to introduce myself.

    As far as AB stuff goes I'm a little boy who varies between two and four years old but even when I'm four I still wear nappies. I usually wear bright and childish clothing and, even though he rarely comes out of my bag, my large, cuddly teddy bear (Butter) comes everywhere with me. I have a partner who is my daddy, and he's simply delightful!

    Because I like him so much here is a picture of Butter the bear:

    In the real world I'm a bit more adult as I am somewhat rabidly obsessed with fine wine and excellent food. These are the topics I write about in my profession as a freelance journalist. I listen to lot a of music of all kinds from classical, via minimalist electronica to pop-y modern stuff. I read a bit of literature but to be honest I spend more time these days social networking and playing with my smartphone: Windows Phone is the most beezer mobile platform! I like gadgets in general and these past few days I've been consumed with exploring the new Windows 8 release on my desktop and tablet.

    I signed up on this forum to share thoughts and experiences with like-minded boys and girls and, if I'm lucky, hopefully make some friends too. I think social interaction is a great thing and we should not be ashamed of who we are, so I'll be happy to discuss pretty much anything here. I might even remember some jokes to tell...

    And that is me, I wish you a good morning and a happy rest of the day from my little corner of England.


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    Hey Davy, Welcome to adisc. It is really cool that your partner is your daddy, I would love a mommy or daddy it would be so awesome. I love Music too. I listen to it all the time as well as a lot of TV. My favorite kind of music is usually Celtic Or old stuff like the Beatles and others like that. We are a fun bunch of people here and we Love to chat and talk about lots of things. It is really cool that you are a journalist. I love to write and as a kid I was constantly writing stories. I have not written much as of late, not been inspired to write much. Anyway welcome again and hope to see you in the chat room.

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    Hi there friend! Welcome to ADISC, there are a lot of people out there like myself who are AB/TB, hope you enjoy the site!

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    Welcome to the sight, and yes, very cool that you are a journalist. Many of us are writers of one sort or another. I have a short story on Nook Books which always sells a few copies each month. It's lots of fun. I'm a professional musician, classically trained as a concert organist. I'm also an educator.

    I think you will enjoy this site and the membership. We discuss a wide variety of topics, so please feel free to participate.

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    Hey Davey, what an Awesome job! Wine and Food - what a perfect thing to be into. I certainly enjoy wine, though I'm much more casual about it. And, in another life I think I would be a chef. What got you started into AB/Diaper stuff? How ever did you get lucky enough to find a partner to share it with? Hope to hear more from you.

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    Hiya! welcome to ADISC! You sound like a pretty cool guy. Hope to see you around the forums!

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    Red face Thanks for your greetings!

    Hello again everyone,

    Many thanks for your kind greetings to this board; seems like I've met some nice people already

    Binkygirl, don't give up on the writing. I know it's not always easy but it is a really satisfying thing to do. Even if it's just a few paragraphs you get done, if you read something you've written and feel you like it the sense of achievement is fantastic. Stories are more fun to write than the dry biology papers I used to have to churn out, give it a try again next time you are in the mood

    Foxracer529, oh I've met a lot of ABs and TBs in my time but not for several years now. I haven't been to many AB places online in a while either so it is nice to discover here which seems fun and friendly. I'm sure I'll enjoy it, many thanks.

    Dogboy, Well done for getting something out there for the world to enjoy; feels good eh? I'm always happy to read short stories, particularly if they are written by people who seem nice, so if it's a format I can read on my smartphone I'll buy a copy. If this forum has private messages can you send me a link to where the book is on sale? I'd appreciate it!

    MyWorld08, it's a great job. Pay may be miserable but there's freebies and the lifestyle is fantastic - I get to wallow in things I enjoy and then get paid for telling people about them! I have a wine and food site were I put my more personal and deeply non-commercial musings - please feel free to visit it (here) if you are vaguely interested and need to kill some time in the office If you cannot be a chef now (and I wouldn't recommend it as I've worked in one of Gordon Ramsay's kitchens and it is amazingly hard work, the hours are appalling) you can still enjoy cooking at home for your friends and family. Cooking is so much fun to do and, when you've finished, you get to eat what you've made and make you and anyone else sharing it happy! It's the biz!

    Fayte, thanks for the welcome. I think I'm either a bit too old or far too young to be really cool, but at least I'm relaxed and that'll do as a start, eh?

    To fill you in: I got started with the AB thing a very long time ago, when I was just a B in fact. My earliest memory is just after my third birthday finding some old nappies in a cupboard, pinning them on myself (with extremely limited skill) before struggling to button up my suddenly rather tight shorts. My grandparents were visiting at the time and when I waddled into the sitting room they looked quite amused. My mother was not terribly happy and ordered me not to be so childish. I didn't listen as I've been childish all my life.

    I didn't wear nappies very often until I went to university, where I suddenly felt liberated, wore nappies a lot of the time and would occasionally walk about in baby clothes. I got asked if I wanted a nappy change on a surprisingly large number of occasions; I should have taken some of the offers up but I was not quite that liberated. I stayed on to do a doctorate and would always wear nappies and, unless I was meeting someone serious, baby clothes were my usual attire in the lab.

    The baby clothes had to go when I got a proper job in London, but I now I'm a freelance writer there is little limit to what I can wear at home. As I have a bit of a reputation for eccentricity in the UK wine world, people are more pleased than surprised if I turn up to a tasting wearing red cords with ducks on and a tie with teddy bears. They've no idea what's under the trousers, of course.. I get to go on the occasional trip abroad to taste wine and I can recommend carrying a teddy bear when sitting on aircraft - you get propositioned far more often than you get asked if you are a nervous flier

    I met my daddy (who is occasionally a little boy as well) online. We were talking about wine, I let something slip that he picked up on, and we just started talking about the whole AB thing from then on. He is Finnish and he soon came over to London to visit. A couple of months later he moved into the flat under mine, not spending much non-work time in there, and then not long after we moved in together. He's lovely, very kind, caring and affectionate. My parents split up when I was very young so I didn't really know what is was like to be loved by a daddy - now I do and it's great!

    Sorry, that was longer than I intended but I hope it fills in some gaps. Many thanks for welcoming me and I look forward to coming here often. I think I'll go and check out the chatroom now.


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    Hi Davy,

    Just wanted to add my welcome and congratulations for joining by far the coolest AB site on the 'net!

    I loved your website and the mouthwatering review of some of the Meantime beers. I've only had them in bottles but the pilsner and IPA are verrrry nice. I must sort out a tour of their brewery some time to taste them as they were meant to be served... I don't know if you've tried any beers from the Williams Bros. brewery in Scotland? They're one of my favourites at the moment, particularly their "Fraoch" Heather Ale, which is just amazing on draught. Still, nothing compares to a heavily-hopped IPA...

    Maybe I'm making this up, but I'm sure I recognise your face from somewhere... Have you written for any of the CAMRA newsletters in this neck of the woods?

    Anyway, thanks for writing such an interesting and entertaining intro -- I wish I could be uninhibited enough to embrace my AB/DL-ism a bit more. I look forward to reading your posts...

    See ya around!


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    Hi Tiny,

    Thanks for the welcome. Seems like a great place here and I'm already glad I joined.

    Meantime are just fine in bottle, they do very few real ales in the tap boozer as their beers are generally lagers and so sold from the keg (often sold in bottles just like you buy in the supermarket, only a lot cheaper). Only one real ale has ever tickled my fancy there, the cask conditioned IPA; but that was the best beer I'd ever tasted The IPA in bottle is nearly as good though - brilliant beer, love it to bits

    I've only had Fraoch in bottle and not in a couple of years. I seem to recall liking it. My favourite beer at the moment I'm buying from Waitrose, something called Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale. It's really bitter and hoppy so incredibly refreshing. I drink it when I make Thai curries.

    I only moved to Hampshire in November, but I've been recently on television and in a few newspapers talking about wine and other things, so you may have seen me there. I've been in the food and drink press quite a lot over the years, not that often with photographs for some mysterious reason... I'm the loudest person at the Hampshire Farmers' Markets so you might have heard me chortling with mirth if you go to them:O

    I hope you can embrace those aspects of yourself as well; it really helps you be more relaxed about life in general I've found. It's not a shameful thing, just a bit different... Hmmm... I suppose I am quite 'different' so it might have been a bit easier for me. If you are in range of Hampshire public transport (I have no car) and you think meeting up for a swift academic half (an academic half is half a quart, so a pint) or two and a general chat might help, or even just entertain a little, then I'm always happy to make new friends. I'd be my pleasure

    Look after yourself, little one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayte View Post
    Hiya! welcome to ADISC! You sound like a pretty cool guy. Hope to see you around the forums!
    Oh yes, Fayte. Because I'm new I cannot thank you for being my friend with a PM. I'll do it here! Thank you, it's nice that someone has taken a little shine to me. Your friend request was much appreciated.


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    Welcome to ADISC Davy most of us are very nice and will help and talk with you through the forums! It is nice to have another member here because with every member and every page view it proves that there is more then one of us!!! Hope to see you around chat and here more

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