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    Holding your pee in is more harmful than just letting it go. Does anyone have a good technique to hold in pee when you really have to go bad and do not want to wet your diaper? Sometimes I just do not want to wet my diaper. I am not sure if this is called a Pee Pee Dance.

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    why would you not want to wet your diaper? and your right, dont hold your pee for a super long time. its not healthy.

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    If I had to go a ways between changes I wouldn't want to wet it at the moment. I don't know if there's any real tecnique beyond just holding on tight and telling yourself you don't have to go that badly.

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    If you know you'll not be able to change for a while it can actually work better to go several times rather than flood. That way the diaper has time to wick and absorb the moisture.

    Holding you pee for too long can be very bad for you which is why it eventually starts to feel uncomfy, then starts to hurt - your body is warning you that bad things could happen.

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    umm just go dont hold it i think that can weaken your bladder (i think if your a boy)

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    You will not have problems if you do it (hold your urine) every now and then, but if you were to consistently hold on to your urine for too long it can cause long-term problems such as increasing the risk of UTIs, as well as kidney and bladder stones. Chronic urine holding can injure your kidneys, due to the pressure transmitted up the ureters, so it's to be avoided if at all possible.

    To strengthen your pelvic floor (and make it easier to hold on longer) you can do "Kegel Exercises"

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