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Thread: 100 Depends for 15 cents each

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    Default 100 Depends for 15 cents each

    Depends Max with 6 tabs in plastic are on clearance now. Today I paid $15. for 5 bags of 20. I used 2 coupons that I printed. It was a great day and a tripple play at 3 Walgreen stores. The next 2 stores had the same price. It seems Depends Max will no longer be available at Walgreens. It was a great day to stock up.

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    Lol. And I thought I was getting a good deal on those Depends pull up ones

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    I bought some on clearence at Walgreens today as well. They were $3.97, they only had 2 S/M but lots of large to bad they don't fit on me.

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    after you get spoiled to the good stuff you will not want to go back :O
    after buying them for so long after getting over 100's of them thru the years that's been taken from me i just keep wasting them and swimming in them at the beach lol

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    Hmmm, I wonder if they are making room for a new product?

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    I really hope that this doesn't mean that Walgreen's is going to stop carrying the Depends with Tabs. They are the only readily available plastic diaper left. If Walgreens stops carrying them, I will be very, very disappointed.

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    Maybe I should make a pilgrimage to see all of the Walgreens in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    Hmmm, I wonder if they are making room for a new product?
    I wish. Unfortunately, Depends has been slowly disappearing from store shelves in retailers across the country. It seems like every few months there's one less story carrying it. I think Depends is either phasing it out or stores have decided it doesn't sell well enough. We've seen in the last few years that Depends has expanded its pull-up line, and I'd venture to guess they're headed in that direction, since most adults with minor incontinence issues (Depends' target market) would prefer a most discrete, cloth backed product that looks more like underwear over a babyish tape-on diaper. It's a pretty big blow to the TB crowd, though, since Depends fitted max were the go-to for most TBs.

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    I think most anything that's geared towards special needs is going to be a special order item. If you look at most sites that sell adult diapers, you often don't see any of the Depends products, because those are usually available at retail centers, sold at a discount. The online vendors can't compete. I honestly don't think anybody wants to buy the Depends products, unless they absolutely have no other choice. Still, I see very few of the adult pullups in shopping carts, mostly just the glorified Kotex pads. I see more people buying Goodnites, Huggies, and Pampers. Especially Pampers, as far as men are concerned. One even asked me where to find them in the store. They buy them because most people assume they're going to be used for children, even though I can see the underlying medical reason in an adult purchase. And I highly respect those customers. They're smart!


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    And I also forgot to mention: The medical supply stores in my area stopped selling anything for incontinence. No pads, no pullups, nothing. Those are all special order only, and mostly through Medicaid for cheap Attends. And Medicaid won't even reimburse for Depends, but they will the base Attends Breathable briefs.


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