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    This is my first time to post anywhere on this subject.
    I love the diapered feel and wish i could find a diaper that wouldn't leak and still hold a full days pee. I love the feel of a diaper so much and once i have wet it I love the squishy feel. Then after a few additional wets i feel a sloshy wetness mmmm. but they all leak

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    Hey, I don't think there is a diaper around that will last the entire day wet with out a leak. But the best out there is Abena. They work great. But even those do not last the entire day of wettings. Anyway Tell us a little more about yourself. we would like to get to know your interest other than DL stuff.

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    I have found that the new Bambino diapers last over 12 hours of pretty overwhelming flooding without leaking, and if you get the quatro booster pads, you can extend this even longer. Welcome to the site by the way!


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    Welcome to ADISC, what are your non DL interests, cant wait to hear your experiences and ideas and such

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