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    I now call upon the comic nerds of ADISC to unite and post who your favorite super heroes are !

    I really like:


    Wolverine (really all of the X-Men)


    OLD Superman


    I have to put a lot of emphasis on OLD when I say Old Superman. I really like how they drew him in the 50's and early 60's. He had this strong, serious look to his face. Almost like he was borderline pissed off, but not really. In the later Superman comics his appearance seemed more cheerful and bleeeehh...

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    For Marvel: I like Iron Man's snarky attitude better than I like Spider-Man's. I always thought Wolverine was kind of a douche. Liked Cyclops as a kid, but now I find he's a prude. I really like Nightcrawler's personality, but his religious beliefs annoy me. Hulkling and Wiccan are turning out interesting, to say the least.

    For DC: Hate Superman with a passion... he's "too" perfect. I like Green Lantern's powers, but not his political views... and Green Arrow is the complete opposite, I like his views, but his bow thing is lame compared to other heroes. Batman is... well, he's Batman. I like Nightwing/Dick Greyson/1st Robin, and Jason Todd/Red Hood/2nd Robin is also a good one (though I only like him as a villain). Tim Drake/Red Robin/3rd Robin is kind of meh, in my opinion, don't care for his girlfriend (4th Robin), and Damian Wayne (5th Robin) is too emo and I don't like his face. Almost forgot my favourite DC character: Garfield Logan AKA Beast Boy. Thought the Teen Titans show version of BBxTerra was much better... mostly because Terra looks ugly in the comics.

    I don't read comics, I just read their wiki pages. A lot more interesting with none of the filler.

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    I agree with you about superman. Cryptonite, a crystal only native to his home planet is the only thing that can weaken him otherwise he can fly, he's super fast and strong, can control time, has ice breath and laser eyes, X-ray vision, and he's indestructible. Not to mention he can shoot his crest off of his chest making a minor inconvenience for all his enemies, possibly his greatest power of all.I swear, just the fact that his nemesisses regularly got an upper hand on him is testament to how big of a p#ssy he is. I swear he could just laser or get away from the cryptonite before it became a problem. If I or anyone else had his powers, we'd be unstoppable.

    Anyway, I love Captain Marvel's fighting style, SHAZAM!! Lightning bolt!

    I'm also down with the Green Lantern, the Thing, Iron Man and Batman... That's all I can think of for now.

    Sorry about the super rant

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