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    Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to introduce myself to this community finally. I have been browsing around for a couple days and so far everything i have seen here has been extraordinary. I am very pleased to see such a supporting, helpful community that is committed not only to ab/dl interests but more general personal interests as well.

    To give everyone a little insight into who i am, first of all i attend college as an econ major, and that pretty much consumes the majority of my time, but i must say i love what i do. Other than school, i work all the time and have little room in my life for much else. I enjoy all kinds of music, from rock to rap and everything in between.

    In terms of ab/dl, i am almost strictly a DL. Although i do enjoy some elements of the ab side of things, i am most interested in diapers.

    Out of this site i wish to gain many different perspectives from everyone here, seeing just what type of niche everyone has found so far in the ab/dl community. It will be nice to see the wide array of interests that everyone here pursues, both inside and outside the real of ab/dl activities. I am very open minded and positive, so hopefully this will be an interesting, exciting new experience.

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    Well hi there! Welcome to ADSIC, i sure hope you get as much out of the site as i have and make tons of friends here!

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    Excellent introduction!

    Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. I look forward to seeing further quality posts from you, and hope you find us to be as informative and supportave as you need.

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