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Thread: Nightmares about things from your past.

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    Default Nightmares about things from your past.

    Last night I had a really horrible nightmare. I guess you could say it was more of a flashback than anything, but still.

    Without going into too much detail, I almost committed suicide a few years ago at my college. Thankfully these thoughts have gone and since then I have had no intentions of doing anything so stupid like that again.

    I just found it really scary and I woke up in a sweat and was shaking for a few minutes. I sort of feel a bit scared about going back to sleep later in case I dream about it again.

    Has anyone had any dreams about their past that have really shook you up like this has to me? Any advice on how I can try and prevent these nightmares from happening again?

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    I wish I knew how to help... I've sort of been having a similar problem. After years and years of thinking about it, I've just started counselling and... well... I'm starting to realise that I've blacked out a lot of bad memories (I remember that they happened, but any kind of emotional feeling, and all the detail had been blocked out).

    I have a hell of a lot of things on my mind and was expecting to spend the first six months discussing those, before building up to the more "difficult" things that have happened in my life. Like you, I got close to suicide a long while back, and explaining everything that was happening then was fairly hard. I've been physically shaking a lot of the time and haven't been able to sleep very well (thankfully I almost never dream, so no nightmares).

    But... my counsellor seems to understand a lot more than I thought he would, isn't jumping to any conclusions, isn't judging me, and... is listening intently to what I'm saying. I took a lot of care in choosing him based on his experience, areas of expertise, and his existential outlook so I think we probably have a similar outlook on life, which probably helps.

    Anyway, things have been moving fairly quickly, and at the end of the session-before-last, he casually asked about a certain event that I have obliquely referred to a few times. To me, that event (where I ended up "losing the plot" for a few days and which made me realise how... f***ed up I am) was just a culmination of everything that had happened in the past. The event itself wasn't really significant -- it was just a realisation of how I'd been pretending that things were okay for a long a time when they really weren't... Or so I had thought...

    So, on my way out, I said, "Sure we can talk about that next time."... And then I got home and started to think about how I could explain what had happened... and I remembered a few things that were crushingly humiliating and horrific, and the intense horror that I felt came flooding back to me. I had literally forgotten how painful that period of my life was.

    Sorry to ramble on, and I don't know if this helps at all, but I've been trying to use two techniques to calm myself and order my thoughts. It's nothing I've discussed with my counsellor, so I don't know whether these are "standard tricks" that would work for anyone, but I thought I'd tell you in case it helps.

    One problem I seem to have is anxiety. I find that when I think about the past, I get very tense, my thoughts start to race, and I remember one horrible part of what happened, then another part, and another part. It's as if each thought prompts another and I get increasingly distressed and agitated as I'm bombarded and overwhelmed by a million different thoughts. I've found that when I'm thinking of ONE thing, and remembering the intense emotion I felt then, that memory can trigger a different memory with similar emotions, and it's as if the emotional response to the first thought bleeds in to the second thought, and the intensity just builds and builds. What I've been trying to do is identify when I move on to the second thought and force myself to take a deep breath and relax, before thinking any further.

    I think of it as "putting in the full stops" between different thoughts. Sometimes I continue thinking (but find that the "full stop" has calmed me down, so I don't automatically work myself into a frenzy); other times I realise that the second thought isn't really relevant; it's not something that I need to worry about, and I can simply try to empty my mind and relax. I don't know if I've explained that very well...

    The second thing I've been trying to do, is to order my thoughts and take them outside of my brain so they aren't "rattling around". To do that, I've started trying to write my "life story" starting as a young child, and talking about everything from how I interacted with the other kids at school, how I saw myself, and building up to the various "big events" in adulthood that have shaped me into the lunatic I am today. It's very hard to write, both emotionally and in finding the right words, and can be quite upsetting, but once I've written it down, I don't need to go over and over and over the same thing in my head.

    I don't know what it all means, but when the time comes, I can read it to my counsellor, and put it away in a drawer in between sessions or when I want to compose myself and take a breath before continuing.

    Well, I don't know if any of that will help, but I hope you find a way to deal with such feelings and getting rid of the fears that such memories can bring back. I'd really suggest seeing a counsellor to see if they can help...

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for your input tiny. To be honest, this was the first real nightmare about my suicide attempt for at least a couple of years, maybe it was just one of those occasions or something. I do get nightmares often, although I do have someone from this site who I talk too on skype on a regular basis just before I go to sleep, who makes sure that I'm as happy as possible, which is always and why I love him so much for it and consider him a true friend .

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    I'm not a particularly depressed person during the day, and I'd consider myself less angsty than most people, but I tend to get night terrors. Nightmares too, as well as sleep paralysis and.. Yeah. The whole nine yards. XD

    My technique (I find that I have fewer incidents when I do this) is to make sure I'm properly exhausted before I go to bed (physically, go for a run or something), then clear my mind of thoughts before trying to sleep. By that I just mean that you pick one thing you WANT to think about, that makes you happy, and you run with that thought for as long as it takes to fall asleep. It takes a bit of practice to learn to "push" everything else away, but once you do it's a bit like meditating, in that you control what you think of. Falling asleep feeling calm helps me sleep through the night (somewhat, anyway).

    Good luck.

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