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Thread: Boxers or Briefs

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    Does anyone wear underware like boxers or briefs under or over their diaper? I usually wear plastic pants to help keep my diaper in place especially when I am really wet. If your diaper is really heavy do you wear boxers or a brief or plastic pants?

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    i used to wear boxers over diapers when i dint want to get caught but now its just diapers ! whats the point ,
    unless i have a diaper that will sag too much to keep them snug boxer briefs does help

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    Sometimes if I am wearing a makeshift diaper, I like to wear briefs on top to ensure that it doesn't get too loose and leak. If they are tight enough they usually do a good job.

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    I'll usually wear boxers over padding just so that there's something covering it. It probably doesn't really do much to hide the padding, but I suppose it's more of a mental thing than practical. I find that boxers over will also quiet any crinkling by a lot.

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    It depends no pun intended, I usually where cloth covered plastic pant of some kind whether I am in a disposable or cloth, for outing a.k.a school I find some of my tamer flannel covered plastic pants do the job well of insuring any minor leaks they may happen with a disposable are stopped and they lessen the sound, plus they feel better than plastic from diaper against my skin. For really hot days I have some pul diaper cover that breath very well and provide good protection, and Florida if you are an AB/DL/wear diapers for what ever reason pul covers are a life saver, though with pull I will often wear a light cotton, or tricot brief over it to muffle the sound and for extra saying power.

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    I wear breifs over my diapers.Maybe for it heights the baby arouma.Or I love the prints on them.

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    Most of the year it is plastic pants.
    But in the summer when it is too hot I have breifs to help hold my diaper up.
    If I do that I have to be careful I don't leak.

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    Although I have to wear a diaper I wear boxer briefs on top - they help things stay in place, can absorb minor leaks at the leg openings and (usually!) prevent the top of the diaper being visible over the waist band of my pants.

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    If I'm wearing jeans, the rustle is hidden and I usually just wear padding and the jeans with no underwear, but otherwise i wear underwear over it. A onesie would solve the problem too but I dont have one yet

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    I find that when i wear breifs they get caught in the leak gaurd from moving around all day. This causes them to get soaked when i wet. Boxers on the otherhand do the exact opposite. They keep my pullups in place and dont get caught. Boxers for me.

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