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    When using this common internet slang do you make a point to actually be laughing to warrant its use? Do you use the term haphazardly even when something isn't even that remotely funny just out of habit or to not feel left out if everyone else around has a pathetic sense of humour?

    I'm rarely laughing when I'm loling. My sense of humour is hit-or-miss. I don't find much of anything funny on the internet whether it be a ''hilarious'' video or someone talking to me, excluding myself. 99.9% of the time I lol from habit, not because I'm actually laughing out loud.

    Have you ever mistakingly (intentionally) said 'lol' outloud outside of an IRC room?

    One of my now ex-work colleagues used to say it all the damn time even if nothing was ****ing funny, he was a major douchebag anyway, nobody liked him.

    Are you one of those holier than thou people that finds loling irritating and stupid because you know the truth?

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    I rarely LOL in real life when I say LOL. If I actually laugh of loud, I type LMAO or ROFL (or ROFLCOPTER if I have trouble breathing...).

    I find it more of an emoticon if that makes any sense. It's almost taken on a usage of its own (like a new word).

    I have said lol out loud, but it's usually on purpose (sarcastically).

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    OMG, I'm the first respondent, lol....Actually, I usually don't use lol unless I really mean it. Sometimes I'll use it or haha because in writing, you can be misunderstood. We actually teach this to teachers at the school where I work so that they DON"T DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE THIS!!!! I've even seen them do this in bold red letters, and then they wonder why other teachers get mad at them for being so angry, lol. Anyway, I'm usually careful about using these sort of things, teeheehee, because I don't like to overuse them and become trite, tol...*trite out loud*

    OMG, I'm not first. I started out first, but you typed faster Andysetra, pol...*pissed out loud*

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    I use it if something dose strike me a funny, but I like to see the humor in everthing, and I like to laugh.

    If I went thru a day and didn't laugh, there would have to be something seriously bad happening, I made jokes on the way to the hospital in the helicopter, because I knew I was going to be OK.

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    I seldom use "lol"...And when I do, it's when I find something actually funny...I might not be laughing, but I'll probably be at least smiling...If you don't see me use that, then it's probably not funny

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    I use lol a lot. But I usually don't laugh when I say lol. There have been a couple times where someone said something semi-funny irl, so I said lol, forgetting to laugh. I felt like a dork.

    When something really makes me laugh the person usually knows it, I LOL OMFG LMAO.

    What annoys me is people saying things like lolz. Laugh out Loud Z? WTF. It makes the person sound like an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    What annoys me is people saying things like lolz. Laugh out Loud Z? WTF. It makes the person sound like an idiot.

    I say lol too much, and lolz even more; I've said it three times in two sentences! I say it out loud between breaks when some idiot keeps trying to be funny to me so he doesn't get his feelings (like, fingers and stuff) hurt and I don't have to tune in!

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    I'm much more inclined to type "hehe" or "hah", etc. to indicate I think something is funny, but there are times when I've been pressed for time (mostly in a gaming environment) and something strikes me as very funny and I laugh out loud and will use "lol". I don't like how it's frequently used essentially as punctuation, but I've learned to deal.

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    i hardly ever say lol. if i do i'll usually spell it "lawl" just to add some small element of semi-individuality. i'm not going to pass judgement against people who throw lols into their dialogue by the handful, but i try to be a bit more original than that. if i want to chuckle at something i'll usually say "hee hee," and if something is funny enough to get me actually laughing in real life god knows what i'll do. lots of caps lock and absurd emoticons. i think you sort of have to be there on occasions like that and see for yourself.

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