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Thread: What does ADISC Prefer

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    Default What does ADISC Prefer

    iPhone, Android, Other? What do you guys prefer here? I switched from Droid to iPhone a few weeks ago and i love it

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    I used the iOS for a while and I liked it but I like the menu system and better management of an android, I use an HTC Evo 4G now

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    Considering I've owned a BlackBerry, an iPhone and I currently have a Samsung Nexus S, Android is my OS of choice. I'm personally someone who likes to tweak and tinker, so it's a far better system considering I don't need to root and void my warranty. BlackBerry comes dead last for me only because of countless corrupted files and terrible and slow syncing software.

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    We already have a thread on this topic, so I'm closing this and redirecting discussion to here.

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