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Thread: Goodnights dont cut it!

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    Default Goodnights dont cut it!

    I am new to using diapers, and so far I have been using XL Goodnights. I love that they are a close fit (almost too tight though) and are not noticable. However they are only good for one pee and half the time they leak (very strong flow ). I need something better. I cant get any Bambinos, though I would love to- dont want to get caught. How are adult diapers? I want something that doesnt feel like an 'old lady' diaper, I would like something with a youthful feel. I usually shop at Kroger which has Depends and Kroger brand. What are your opninons on these brands? I would like a close fit, and defintly HIGH absorbabncy. What size should I get? I am about 125lbs and 5'5''.

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    Well, I am nearly the same size/height, and I found that the Small/Medium Depend Maximum Protection (Depend Protection with Tabs now I believe) were decent. They usually held a few wettings, but then they would begin to leak through the leg guards. However, I would not suggest buying the pull-on-granny-panties, as they cause more disappointment than what it's worth.

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    Kimberly Clark corporation has forgotten who and where their actual money comes from. They are way too busy pleasing their investors that they are more or less throwing us customers under the bus with quality. They are cheapening the cost which sadly at the same time lowering the quality of their products to the point that it they are just going to be there for only looks and show and not for actual use much like how they were back in the 80's to the early and mid 90' when they were much more comfortable, usable, reliable, dependable (No pun intended) and over all the best quality that you could ever hope to find out there. Now-a-days they are a joke and I am starting to consider starting a boycott on ALL Kimberly Clark products. From diapers, to Feminine products, to bath tissue, to face tissue. So yeah.

    All the best!

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    You are probably better off staying with what you got. Depends Max should fit someone your weight and height, but I doubt it will have much more absorbency than the Goodnites. The Kroger brand is just not worth it. Also, avoid the adult pullups. If you think the Goodnites are flimsy, wait until you open a bag of adult "underwear". As FurtiveKit states, those are granny panties which most people tend to avoid if they don't want to get embarrassed in public.


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    Depends Protection..with tabs(or whatever they are called now) have somewhat better leak guards, and are capable of holding a little more than Goodnites. I never enjoyed taking a Goodnite to the limit, as it would usually leak if I were sitting down. Depends will eventually leak out at the leg guards, as the SAP tends to not absorb after a certain point, much as the same effect of sitting on a wet sponge, although it takes a bit longer than with Goodnites.

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    Hi TeddyBearGirl.
    I will agree that Depends (max) protection with tabs are better and safer than the Goodnites. No competition there. Still, depends as has been said before are still not very impressive. They are a lovely soft white plastic though, so you could pimp them up with some cute stickers perhaps, to make them more interesting looking and less old-person-like.

    Give them a try. Their size S/M will probably be your best fit.


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    First of all, welcome to ADISC.

    If you're wondering how not to be caught, its pretty simple...
    Do you have a car?

    If so all you need to do is to find a place that accepts packages on your behalf (UPS Store).
    I use the UPS store to accept my packages ( from DHL, Fedex, USPS, or UPS).
    They do not open the packages. They simply store the packages in the back of the store and you can pick it up at your convenience for a $5.00 fee, they will provide that service for you.
    All you need to do is get the address from the UPS Store (or other similar company) and use it as your Shipping address and where the address 2 line is... leave your cellphone number. They require it to do a call when the package arrives at the store.

    Also, if you do start using Depend, you will basically be getting a Goodnite (In terms of absorbency). They leak quite bad if you just let loose in it. Same thing goes with the protective underwear that is out there. You won't find a thing better than Goodnites as quality goes, because the "protective underwear" fits a wide range of waist sizes and most use the same size pad with bigger waist bands. Unless your in the higher waist size of the certain size in question. It will always sag and bunch up and be quite uncomfortable unless you have a pair of underwear that fits quite snugly and holds it up. Nothing in (most) stores will be anything more than short term use, leaky, uncomfortable products. Pretty much the only way you will see any kind of improvement is ordering online. I'd say if you want to see what actual adult diapers feel like you can try Depend. They aren't the most comfortable diaper at all, but they will give you some kind of idea.

    Bambino, even though they are geared towards people like us, outperforms most incontinence products out there in terms of comfort, durability, absorbency leakage protection...simply because they listen to our feedback.

    I'm not aware of your living situation, but if you need to you can stop at a goodwill and get some clothes to put on top of the diapers in the box or keep it in your trunk until you can bring it inside discreetly. Most companies discreetly deliver packages in plain brown boxes with no markings. The only thing that can get any kind of grab eye is the shipping label might say the company's name (ie: XP Medical or "BHG for Bambino") but you can grab a pen and scratch it out and you shouldn't have a problem.

    The only thing holding you back is fear. Indulge in what you want to indulge in. The longer you wait, the bigger the "OMG THAT WAS NOTHING (insert laugh fit here)"

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    I tried Depends Fitted Briefs a few years ago and found them to be pretty average. They might have a different name in the US (or wherever you're from, I'm in Australia) but they were just a plain taping diaper, but cloth backed and not a great fit or especially thick or absorbent. I tried Tena Slips next and they were much better. They were more comfortable and plastic backed, but haven't been able to find them sold anywhere. I tried Molicares recently and found them to be quite poor. The ones I bought were blue (white feels more babyish to me), quite thin and didn't absorb much. So I tried Depends Fitted Briefs again recently and have found them to be much much better. Probably the best diapers I've ever used, though I've never tried any special ones ordered online.

    Anyway, my advice to you is this: if you're set on buying from a store and not online then there probably won't be a huge difference between any of the taping diapers you can get - they all seem to be about average in my experience. Measure your waist before you go in and follow the sizing chart to pick a size. If you want something to feel more youthful, then I suggest you find a store that sells plastic pants. A good babyish pair of plastic pants makes up for just about any diaper shortcoming, but you will probably have a hard time finding a brick-and-mortar store where you can get them (but it's not impossible; I found a physio supplies store near me that stocks plastic pants - some even obviously adult baby oriented - under the guise of being medical supplies).

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    this is a hard one. see, depends and attends are really the only diapers that you can buy in a store (unless your in europe and you can get tenas and molicares and...curse those europeans and their fancy diapers....jk). anyway, depends and attends unfortunately (at least to me) look like "old person diapers" which you absolutely do not want.

    now, what you can do is use goodnites with pampers as a booster. or, you can try underjams.

    just my two cents.

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