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Thread: Question about Collars

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    What is more comfortable to wear; a nylon collar or leather collar?

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    I would think nylon, though it would depend on the leather. Leather will almost always be harder than nylon, but nylon can rub against the skin.

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    It depends. You can purchase leather collars lined with other materials., where Near and I got ours, allows you to use a variety of different materials to line the collar.

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    If you're looking into buying a collar, I'd go for first a nylon collar to make sure you like it, then buy a collar of your choice. For example, I bought my collar from The Collar Factory and got it in leather lined in faux fur, but they have other options as well.

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    I like lagardo's leather... very soft... either buffalo leather or others... a variety of colours... my BF bought me my collar and we got a tag at petco :3

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    I have to agree and say that a nylon collar is the best bet for comfort. I bought mine at Petco, along with tags, and I wear it everynight to bed, as well as most of the day on weekends. I've never had a problem with comfort, especially because for me its comforting thing to wear a collar. If you're looking for something cheap and easy to come by, I'd go with a nylon collar with some padding from the store.

    That said, I think I'm going to check out The Collar Factory, because I'm looking to start a collection of sorts. One is never enough!

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    In some ways, it really depends on what the purpose of the collar is.

    A leather collar is probably going to be significantly thicker and a bit less flexible - you're really going to feel it when you move your neck. It's more massive and substantial. If you're just looking for any old collar, period, then this might not be desirable. If you're looking for something you want to be really obvious to you, e.g. a BDSM collar, this is a very desirable quality.

    My collar is leather lined with lambskin. It is very comfortable - I wear it at home and to bed every night, but I also feel it pretty much every time I shift my neck.

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    Personally, I find leather collars to be far more comfortable than nylon. For whatever reason, I feel the spots where the nylon is sewn together as rough spots that irritate me after awhile, whereas a good leather collar will at least be brushed/sueded/treated on the inside and feels rather lovely. I personally never really notice movement restriction with a leather collar of a "normal" width, and I actually used to sleep wearing one all the time. None of my leather collars are lined with any other material, either.

    Steel, on the other hand, is a much more noticeable and restrictive collar material! (although surprisingly it can be comfortable enough to wear)

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    i have only ever made my own lether collar so i made sure to pick out a some lether and i do love it but a spot of it got wet once and now that spot is harder so it is not as nice as it once was.

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    I have a bunch of each that are very comfortable. Comfort depends more on the construction details than on leather vs nylon.

    Nylon collars MUST have the ends folded so they're on the outside or in a middle layer. Ones that put the ends against your skin will itch and scratch. You also want one that's medium-thickness - as flexible as possible without completely drooping. The buckle will flop down and press into you in weird ways if it's too soft, and while I sometimes like a very firm collar that lets me know it's there, I expect that's not what you're after.

    Leather collars have a big range too - anywhere from light deerskin to heavy latigo. Aside from the weight, look at the way the inside is finished. Some have a layer of smooth garment leather sewn inside; others are more primitive and have just a rough surface.

    A well made one of either type can be worn 24x7 comfortably.

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